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‘Take Diversion’ First Look Poster Launch by Suresh Kondeti

‘Take Diversion’ First Look Poster Launch by Suresh Kondeti

A love story titled ‘Take Diversion’ is being made under the direction of Shivani Senthil. Ramachandran, who played the villain in films like ‘Peta’ and ‘Chadurangavettai’ in ‘Take Diversion’, plays the lead role and Sivakumar is introduced as the hero. Patinikumar plays the heroine and Gayatri the second heroine. The film stars John Vijay as the main villain and Vijay TV fame George Vijay, Bala J. Chandran, Srinivasan Arunachalam and others in other roles. Music by Jose Franklin and cinematography by Ishwaran Thangavel. Recently, the first look poster of the movie was launched by Santosh Kondetti, the head of Santosham Magazine. The film is being released in Telugu under the banner of Maddala Productions. The event was attended by Rajesh Surishetti, Ram Maddala, Chandu Maddala, Venkat Maddala, Suresh Kondetti, Dr Gautam Kashyap and Umarji Anuradha.

After the poster launch, producer and head of Santosham magazine Suresh Kondeti said, “I am happy to launch the Maddala Productions Tech Diversion logo on my hands today. I wish you all the best. The filmmakers came into the industry with the first film to take take diversion even though they were in a different business field with this take diversion film. I want them to succeed here without going into another diversion while they are still in the film industry. Venkat, Chandu, Ram and all the brothers are happy to do this movie together. The three of the family are happy to be interested in the film industry. I say all the best to Rajesh Gari who led behind this. Also, the support of Anuradha, a female journalist who is the backbone of this .. I am happy .. I say all the best to all of them. Shivani Senthil provided the direction. A film with a lot of scope for music. The trailer looked great. The film is a big hit in Telugu and Tamil. I want the Telugu and Tamil audiences to respect me.

Umarji Anuradha said .. Congratulations to Ram Maddala, Chandu Maddala and Venkat Maddala who came with passion through the release of Take Diversion poster. The film is being produced with their hard work. The film was made by a team with a lot of quest. This is a short film. Producers are very new. Built without compromising anywhere though. Surely the Telugu audience will like it. A film with a lot of scope for music. Also the songs are great too. Congratulations to everyone on this team. Surely this team is going to sustain everyone in the industry.

Dr. Gautam Kashyap said .. I liked this title very much. As well as sensible producers. Those who have good intentions, as well as those who have social responsibility .. It is very good that such people come into the film industry. Good movies come when they come like that. I want to make more good movies in the future. The director is also a very sensible person. Also it has a lot of scope for music. Surely the musical will be a hit. With the release of this movie poster by Suresh Kondetti, our movie will go into the audience with speed. He said the film was a great success and the team wanted to bring a good name to everyone.

Venkat Maddala said .. The reason for setting up this banner is to make good films, we are making a take diversion film as a first attempt. We would like to thank Suresh Kondetti, Anuradha and Gautam for their support in this film. We are releasing this movie in Telugu and Tamil languages. Joseph said he gave good music to the film.

Ram Maddala says .. This is the first film that Maddala Productions is launching under the banner. We are doing it in Telugu and Tamil languages. Directed by Shivani Senthil, the film is sure to be a success. Thanks to everyone who worked on this movie. Also, Suresh Kondetti is our backbone and supports us to take the film forward. Also Anuradha and Gautam said thanks to everyone.

Chandu Maddala says .. We have done a short film in Tamil before .. It has been a great success. Now we are making this movie in Telugu and Tamil languages. Take diversion The title is the same in Telugu and Tamil. Anuradha is the backbone of the film and provides support. Also supported by Suresh Condety. We will do more direct movies in Telugu from now on. We have other businesses .. but we are ready to continue Marin movies. I want their support to be with us at all times. Surishetti Rajesh is providing more support to this film. He said thank you.

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