Love, Mouli Review

Love, Mouli: A Poetic Explanation of Why to Transform from Wild To Gentleman

Sarkar Rating: 3/5                                                Release Date: June 7, 2024
Reviewed By: Kausalya Suharika R


Navdeep, Pankhuri Gidwani, Bhavana Sagi, Mirchi Hemanth, Mirchi Kiran and others.


Producers: CSpace, Nyra Creations, Srikara Studios; Director: Avaneendra; Music Director: Govind Vasanth; Background Score: Crishna; Lyricist: Anantha Sriram; Art Director: Kiran Mamidi


Mouli who lost his parents grows up with his grandfather away from cities or villages in a secluded hill station. He grows up without being taught any social behaviour like how to mingle and get along with fellow humans. He turns out to be a world renowned painter. He proclaims that painting is the way he talks, the way he communicates. All goes well with only one thing he keeps longing for, and that is love. He wants to love and to be loved. That’s where he strikes an angel and gets his wish fulfilled. So, did he really find the love he is looking for? Or what’s the journey of Mouli is found out later in the movie.

‘Love, Mouli’ is not your regular commercial movie. It’s a movie made out of Passion and poetry within the hearts of the makers. Every frame is like a painting. We don’t usually see such dedication of poetic presentations in the movies. Navdeep introduces himself as Navdeep 2.0 with ‘Love, Mouli’, and to say the least it is true. Although we know how terrific of an actor he is, he reinvented himself with ‘Love, Mouli’. All his acting skills are challenged with this movie. Few scenes from ‘Love, Mouli’ are of never seen on Telugu screen before and safe to say that hard to find in future as well. Navdeep played so well in those scenes, which would stay remarkable in Telugu cinema forever. Actress Bhavana Sagi is raw, natural and more alive. She brought the contrast societal character into the movie which otherwise is on it’s own avant-garde path.

Editing and Camera Angles

Although this visually amazing artistic piece, there are some faulted camera angles and editing which affected the overall view of the film. There is a scope for improvement in the direction area regarding the camera placement and capturing the artists performance, and presenting all these in the editing of the movie. Actress Pankuri Gidwani although showed promising performance at many levels, some scenes don’t elevate her acting. There is a need to correct these to draw more into the scene.

Music by Govind Vasantha, has complimented very well overall but feels amateurish at some parts.

Meghalaya, where the movie is shot plays an important role bringing live this aesthetic movie. The entire tone of the movie would be something else if it was another place and another backdrop. Kudos to the team to pull off a movie within those climatic conditions and brought out a beautiful movie.

Story of ‘Love, Mouli’ stands out with its nuances addressing the complications in within the romantic relationships, generally seen nowadays. Although some problems could be old there are new problems with the new generations with their ideologies, addressing those in a sensitive way is a winning ticket to ‘Love, Mouli’.


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