Honeymoon Express Review

Honeymoon Express Review: A Rocky Ride with Sci-Fi Shenanigans

Sarkar Rating: 1.5/5                     Release Date: June 21, 2024

Reviewed By: MovieSarkar

Chaitanya Rao, Hebah Patel, Suhasini, Tanikella Bharani, Ali, Surekha Vani & Ravi Varma.

Producer : KKR, Bala Raj
Director: Bala Rajasekharuni
Music: Kalyani Malik
Background Score: Rp Patnaik
Lyrics: Kittu Vissapragada
Editing: Umashankar G (Usa) Sri Krishna Attaluri Art

Honeymoon Express, the 2024 Telugu film by Balaraju Rajasekhara, sets off with an intriguing premise: a young couple’s honeymoon takes a detour into marital discord and–wait for it–science fiction. Chaitanya Rao and Hebah Patel portray the newlyweds whose initial bliss quickly dissolves into arguments fueled by incompatibility.

Realistic Portrayal of Marital Struggles

The film’s early strength lies in its realistic portrayal of early marriage woes. We see communication breakdowns, unmet expectations, and personality clashes that many couples experience. Rao and Patel deliver relatable performances, capturing the frustration and anxiety that can build within a struggling relationship.

Sci-Fi Twist Derails the Journey

Just as the narrative builds momentum, Honeymoon Express takes a sharp turn into science fiction territory. An eccentric older couple introduces the protagonists to a fantastical “Honeymoon Express” experience. While the concept holds promise, the execution feels rushed and jarring compared to the initial focus on marital struggles.

Unnecessary Intimacy Clouds the Narrative

Further detracting from the film’s flow are unnecessary intimate scenes that feel out of place and contribute nothing to the story’s development. These scenes come across as pandering and distract from the core themes of the film.

Honeymoon Express Review
Honeymoon Express
Humor Misses the Mark

Attempts at humor through the antics of the senior couple, played by Tanikella Bharani and Suhasini, fall flat. The comedic timing feels off-beat, and the humor relies heavily on slapstick and outdated jokes.

Lost in Genre Confusion

Honeymoon Express struggles to find its footing. It attempts to be a romantic comedy exploring marital issues but then veers wildly into sci-fi territory. This genre confusion leaves viewers unsure of what the film is ultimately trying to achieve.


If you’re looking for a film that realistically explores early marriage challenges, the initial portion of Honeymoon Express might resonate. However, the unnecessary intimate scenes, poorly executed sci-fi twist, and unsuccessful humor likely outweigh any initial appeal. Honeymoon Express is a bumpy ride best avoided.

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