Gangs of Godavari Review

Gangs of Godavari: A Promising Start, Hampered by a Lackluster Second Half

Sarkar Rating: 2.5/5              Release Date : May 31, 2024


Vishwak Sen, Anjali, Neha Shetty, Nassar, P. Sai Kumar, Hyper Aadi


Director: Krishna Chaitanya
Producers: Suryadevara Naga Vamsi, Sai Soujanya
Music Director: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematographer: Anith Madadi
Editor: Naveen Nooli


Lankala Ratnakar, played by Vishwak Sen, embarks on a journey of ambition in the village of Kovvuru. He navigates the treacherous world of local politics, switching alliances and making enemies along the way. As he transforms into the powerful Tiger Ratnakar, he faces challenges that test his resolve. The film explores his relationships with Bujji (Neha Sshetty) and the enigmatic Anjali, leaving the audience to unravel the mysteries surrounding their connection to Ratnakar.


* Vishwak Sen’s Captivating Performance: Vishwak Sen delivers a powerful performance as Lankala Ratnakar, effectively capturing the character’s evolution and emotional range. His adeptness with the Godavari accent adds authenticity to the role, making him a compelling protagonist.
* Strong Supporting Cast: Anjali shines in her intense performance, while Neha Shetty delivers a fresh portrayal compared to her previous roles. Supporting actors like Goparaju Ramana, Nassar, and Hyper Aadi contribute effectively, adding depth to their respective characters.
* Thrilling Action and Score: The well-designed action sequences in the first half, enhanced by Yuvan Shankar Raja’s electrifying score, elevate the movie’s energy and create an immersive experience.

Gangs of Godavari Review
Gangs of Godavari


* Uneven Pacing and Narrative: While the first half is engaging and well-paced, the second half loses momentum and fails to maintain the same level of excitement. The screenplay lacks the necessary punch to sustain interest throughout, hindering the film’s overall impact.
* Underdeveloped Characters: Neha Sshetty’s character could have been fleshed out further to play a more significant role in the narrative. Anjali’s role also feels underutilized, leaving room for a more impactful presence. Additionally, Goparaju Ramana’s portrayal of the MLA lacks depth, and casting a more prominent actor could have added intrigue.
* Missed Opportunities: Some potentially impactful scenes are presented in a mundane manner, failing to capitalize on their emotional potential. The director could have focused more on developing these moments to create a stronger emotional connection with the audience.


Gangs of Godavari starts strong with a promising premise and captivating performances from Vishwak Sen and Anjali. However, the film falters in the second half, with a lackluster screenplay, pacing issues, and underdeveloped characters. While the technical aspects are commendable, they cannot compensate for the narrative shortcomings. If you’re looking for a gripping rural action drama, this might not be the best choice.

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