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Naga Chaitanya Stresses Importance of Content Over Spectacle for Theatrical Releases

In a recent interview, Telugu superstar Naga Chaitanya Akkineni (@chay_akkineni) discussed the current trend of larger-than-life visual effects driving audiences to theaters in the age of streaming platforms.

While acknowledging the appeal of such spectacles, Chaitanya emphasizes the importance of prioritizing content for theatrical releases. “Having said that, you simply can’t put up a visual extravaganza because that’s what the market requires,” he states.

Chaitanya believes the visual spectacle should be an organic extension of the story rather than a forced element. “It must be an organic process in which the content dictates the project’s scope,” he explains. “Most importantly, you must suit the character.”

The actor also delves into his upcoming film, “#Thandel,” revealing his dedication to the project. “I spent nearly nine months preparing for #Thandel,” he shares. “It’s such an inspirational story. I wanted to make sure I get everything right, especially the Srikakulam accent.”

Chaitanya’s commitment to the role suggests that “#Thandel” prioritizes a compelling narrative over mere visual effects. He concludes by stating, “This is the biggest film of my career, and I needed this role.”

Naga Chaitanya’s perspective offers a refreshing take on the evolving theatrical landscape. His focus on organic storytelling and character development underscores the enduring power of well-crafted cinema in the age of OTT dominance. Audiences eagerly await “#Thandel” to witness Chaitanya’s transformation and the film’s unique blend of content and spectacle.


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