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Young hero Adit Arun changes his name to “Trigun”

Young hero Adit Arun changes his name to “Trigun”

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Hero Adit Arun got special recognition among the audience. He said
Films like Weekend Love, Tungabhadra, PSV Garuda Vega, Dear Megha, “WWW” impressed the audience. Recently, the Young Talented announced that he was changing his name to Trigun.

In a recent tweet, it’s announced that the new me trigun. The young hero no longer wants to be called a trio of media friends, friends in the film industry, and adults. Trigun, who is currently starring in Ram Gopal Varma’s “Konda”, says the film will be a different film in his career. Changing the name to Trigun may be considered the right time as Konda is preparing for the trailer release.

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