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Yash Puri and Apoorva’s Happy Ending and the teaser out

Yash Puri and Apoorva’s Happy Ending and the teaser out

Yash Puri and Apoorva have paired for Happy Ending and the teaser of the film dropped today. The film is produced by Silly Monks and Homestech Films.

Speaking on the occasion, the producer Anil Pallala said “We’re ready to help out budding producers and actors through our banner. Director Kaushik came to us three years ago and he did a short film for us. This was the time when Yash also met us. We then heard an interesting storyline pitched by Kaushik. That’s how this film happened.”

DOP Ashok said “Kaushik first told me this film is about a Baba and his curse. Later I realised the depth in it. We are fully satisfied with the way the film shapes up.”

Kaushik said “I’d like to thank my producers for trusting in me. We worked really hard for this film and we enjoyed every bit of it. I hope you all will enjoy it while watching it on the big screens.”

Actor Vishnu said “Kaushik anni are friends from childhood days. We’re doing a film together now. I got a peculiar character. I hope the film entertains you all.”

Karthik Ratnam said “I’ve been waiting for such content from Silly Monks for a long time. I liked the teaser. I like Ravi Gary’s work a lot. It’s great to meet my favorite actor Roshan. I hope Yash scores a big hit with this film.”

Hero Tiruveer said “Silly Monks first caught my eye with George Reddy. This banner is a very special one for me. I hope Happy Ending makes a lot of money and wish the very best for the team.”

Hero Trigun said “I’m happy to be at the event today. Silly Monks is like a home banner for me. They’re known for introducing many budding actors. I hope Happy Ending turns out to be a big success.”

Heroine Apoorva Rao said “this is my debut film and I’m happy to have been associated with such a talented cast and crew for this film. I would like to thank everyone who’s helped me out in the process. This is a special film for me.”

Tammareddy Bharadwaj said “I liked how Anil said he is ready to operate as a bridge for new producers and actors. They’re a big banner but still encourage fresh talent which is very good. I would like to appreciate Silly Monks for their efforts. I liked the teaser of Happy Ending. I hope this film blesses them with success.”

Sekhar Suri said “I absolutely loved the teaser. I came here for Anil and Silly Monks. I sincerely believe this film packs a punch.”

Director Kaushik said “I’d like to thank the attendees for their love and support. The teaser has been cut briefly in order to not reveal the content. This film packs a lot of content and we will surely entertain you on the big screens. Yash and Apoorva did a splendid job.”

Hero Yash Puri said “I’d like to thank you all for your constant support and encouragement. We made Happy Ending with the love we have for cinema. I’m sure you all will be thoroughly entertained. This is a coming of age story and it will be a raging success, I believe. The audience will certainly be served something fresh. Thanking everyone again for their support.”

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