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‘Yadhgiri & Sons’ trailer unveiled at the pre-release event

‘Yadhgiri & Sons’ trailer unveiled at the pre-release event

Under the banner of Sri Venkateswara Creative Works, Anirudh and Yashaswini are directed by Bikshapati Raju Pandhri.. ‘Yadgiri & Sons’ is a real incident based story produced by Chandrakala Pandhri. The film is all set to hit the screens on May 5. Recently, the pre-release ceremony of this film was held in Hyderabad. The director of ‘Bhimla Naik’, who was the chief guest at the event, unveiled the film’s trailer. In the event that followed..

Hero Anirudh said.. “This is my debut film. Co-director Amargaru is the reason why I got this opportunity. Thanks to him and director Bhikshapati Rajugari. He said many things. They provided a lot of moral support. This movie is based on real incidents. Thanks to Sagar K Chandragari who released the trailer and other guests who came to the ceremony. I want the audience to watch this film and bless our team,” he said.

Rohit, who played the villain, said, “Everyone should definitely watch this movie. The incidents shown in it are likely to happen in every household. It shows how to deal with such things. So this is definitely a must watch movie for everyone. Thanks to director Bhikshapati Rajugari, other team and chief guest Sagar K Chandragari for giving me this opportunity.

Music director Vijay Kurakula said, “Thanks to Rajeev Kanakala who has been anchoring me since the beginning. He played a very good role in this movie. Director Bhikshapatigaru is a very passionate director. This is not a small movie.. an intelligent movie. This is a different movie among the current movies. A must watch movie for everyone. I hope this film, which is coming to the audience on May 5, will be a huge success..” he said.

Director Bhikshapati Raju said.. “Thank you to director Sagar Chandragari who came and blessed our unit. Thanks to all the artists and technicians who helped me to complete this film in the way I had planned and on time. The movie is going to release in theaters on May 5. Thank you so much to all those who have contributed to this film,” he said.

Sagar K Chandra, the director of ‘Bhimla Nayak’ said.. “I saw the trailer of Yadgiri & Sons”. Very innovative. I asked the director what the story was about. Can’t reveal it here but.. It’s great to make such a movie with real incidents. Congratulations to him. Anirudh and Rohit have done very well in the clips I have seen of the film. This movie became a super hit..

Anirudh, Yashaswini, Rohit, Jeeva, Rajeev Kanakala, Madhumani, Nagaraj, Motilal and others.
D.O.P: Srinu Boddu,
Editing: Marthand. K. Venkatesh,
PRO: B. Veerababu
Co-Director: Amarnath Kothur,
Producer: Chandrakala Pandhri,
Story, Screenplay, Direction: Bhikshapati Raju Pandhri

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