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We are proud to be starring in “Sevadas” which is releasing on April 1st !!

We are proud to be starring in “Sevadas” which is releasing on April 1st !!

Hero Come Director KPN
A bright future for Chauhan !!

Senior heroes Suman-Bhanu Chander

Sevadas is a prestigious multilingual film co-produced by Islawat Vinod Raina and Sitaram Nayak under the banner of Sri Sri Hathiram Balaji Creations under the direction of young talent KPN Chauhan. The film stars senior heroes Suman and Bhanuchander in the lead roles. Chauhan, Preeti Asrani, Vinod Raina-Rekha Nirosha are the heroines. Directed by KPN Chauhan and produced in Banjara-Telugu-English-Hindi, the film is set to release worldwide on April 1. In the media conference organized on this occasion … Senior hero Suman who played Sewalal in the film, Bhanuchander who played a key role, Hero-director KPN. Chauhan, Producers Islawat Vinod Raina- Sitaram Nayak, Executive Producer Balu M. Chauhan, Second Hero-Heroines Vinod Raina, Rekha Nirosha were involved in the film.

Suman-Bhanuchander said that he is proud to act in the film “Sevadas” which shows the culture and height of Banjara to the world. They lauded the directors, actors and technicians who made “Sevadas” a film that touched the hearts of Telugu and Hindi audiences along with 18 crore barns in 64 countries. Hero Come Director KPN said that the sensational success of “Sevadas” which is coming to the audience on April 1 is certain. Chauhan mentioned.

Producers Islawat Vinod Raina-Sitaram Nayak-Balu Chauhan said … Congratulations by name to everyone who worked hard for the design of “Sevadas”. We will bring the film to the audience on April 1. “

Vinod Raina-Rekha Nirosha is happy to get the opportunity to act in this film.

SRS The film stars Prasad, Vijay Rangaraju, Chalaki Chanti, Sampath Nayak, Geeta Singh, Fish Venkat, Navina Reddy, Shailaja in other lead roles. Co-directors; NTR Subbu-Naveen, VFX: Kishore Kalakuri, Art Director: Vijay.A, Production Controller: Lakshmana Rao-Sriramulu, Cameraman: Vijay Tagore, Editor: Pradeep, Post Production: Ramanayudu Studios, Executive Producer: M.Balu Chauhan, Producers : Islawat Vinod Raina-Sitaram Nayak, Story-Screenplay-Direction; KPN Chauhan !!

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