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VRGR Movies are two films that were formally launched by renowned director VV Vinayak.

VRGR Movies are two films that were formally launched by renowned director VV Vinayak.

Production No: 1 on VRGR banner is a horror film directed by Filmy Gangsters with senior and new cast, …. Production No: 2 is produced by Gongati Veeranjaneya Naidu introducing acting director “Mahesh Gangimalla” as the director. Worship of “Useful Fellows” films was held in Hyderabad. Leading Director VV Vinayak, IAS, IPS Officers, T.K. Immortals, y. Gangadhar, Yum. Jagannadham, T. Vikram, J. Prabhakar Rao, Vinay Kumar and other members of the film unit were present. The camera was switched on. IAS Officer T. Chiranjeev was the Honorary Director.

Leading director VV Vinayak said .. It is a great thing to give the opportunity to two directors to produce two films at the same time. G.V. Naidu said he sincerely wanted these two films to be a great success.

Filmmaker G.V. Naidu said, “Thanks to the IAS and IPS officers who came to bless me and our banner. I like the stories told by directors Mahesh Gangimalla and the filmi gangsters team because I love cinema.” A movie with a horror storyline under the banner of .r Movies, a movie with youthful subjects … is very happy to introduce many new artists and technicians to the industry by producing two movies at once with new directors. We will inform the cast details soon. We are building with a good concept.

“Useful Fellows” director Mahesh Gangimalla said, “I like the story I told. Thanks to producer GV Naidu for giving me the opportunity to direct a good film like this. Every man wants to change but it’s a custom job. But sometimes circumstances change them. The film tells the story of how those who were useless fellows till then became useless fellows due to circumstances. “
Production No: 1 Image

Lyricist Madhav Kodada said, “I provided the story, words and screenplay for this film. GV, who is producing two films at once. Naidu wants to be a big producer.

Heroine Mihira said .. Thank you to the director and producers for giving me the opportunity to act in this film which has a good scope for acting.
Yet everyone who took part in the event said that the film should be a great success.
Producer: Gongati Veeranjaneya Naidu (GV Naidu)
: Production No: 1 Direction: Filmy Gangsters .. Story- Screenplay – Lyrics: Madhav Kodada, Photography: Jaipal Nimmala, Music: Rajesh Production No: 2 Movie Name: “Useful Fellows”, Writing: Direction: Mahesh Gangimalla ,
Photography: Jaipal Nimmala PRO: Sai Satish, Parvataneni Rambabu.

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