Vinaro Bhagyamu Vishnu Katha Movie Review

Vinaro Bhagyamu Vishnu Katha Movie Review


Darshana (Kashmira Paradesi), a Youtuber, gets in touch with Vishnu (Kiran Abbavaram), who is her phone number neighbor. Vishnu thinks it is Lord Venkateshwara’s way of introducing a girl into his life, and he slowly falls for her. On the other hand, Darshana also gets close to Markhandeya Sharma (Murali Sharma), her another phone number neighbor. Vishnu and Sharma join hands to enhance the reach of Darshana’s Youtube channel. In a shocking turnaround of events, Darshana shoots Sharma, which astounds Vishnu. Why did Darshana kill Sharma? What happened next? What did Vishnu do then? 


The best part of the film is the characterization of Kiran Abbavaram. It is very nicely well-written and has good inner depth. As a person who wants to offer a hand to everyone in need, Kiran Abbavaram has done an excellent job. It is good that Kiran has chosen a nice role that gave him ample scope to perform. The actor was good at portraying emotions, and his comedy timing was on spot. It will be great if the actor continues to do such meaningful roles.

Murali Sharma is just amazing as Sharma. As always, the senior actor gave his best and brought depth to the proceedings. The comedy scenes involving him and the leading lady Kashmira Paradesi are sure to make theatres erupt. Murali Sharma’s role isn’t just confined to comedy, but there is a lot about it.

This is Kashmira Paradesi’s second film in Telugu, and the actress has done a very good job. She looked captivating and performed with ease as Darshana. It is nice to see the female lead’s role having prominence in the film’s plot. The key twists that get unraveled in the second half are quite impressive. Especially the climax twist is clap-worthy, and one can’t see that coming. The background score and songs worked big time. The dialogues are neatly written and meaningful. The movie takes way too much time to get to the actual point. Though the first half has comedy scenes, story-wise, nothing happens in this hour, and the momentum picks up only during the interval. A few scenes went over the top, and logics were missing.

Through the very first song itself, the makers conveyed how the male lead character would be, but again a few more redundant scenes were added in the first hour connecting to the hero’s role. These scenes feel stretched and could have been edited out to make things even more engaging. The pacing of the film is heavily inconsistent. At times the movie becomes a tad slow, and there are a few boring elements as well. There are some heavy issues regarding the dubbing, and lip sync is missing in many scenes affecting the viewing experience. A few noted artists didn’t have much to perform.


On the whole, Vinaro Bhagyamu Vishnu Katha has a decent mix of entertainment and suspense elements. The movie majorly benefits from Kiran Abbavaram’s flawless act, Murali Sharma’s fine performance, and a few good twists. However, the pacing is slow at times and a few portions could have been much better. Nonetheless, the movie ends up being a one time watch this Shivaratri festive season.

Cast: Kiran Abbavaram, Kashmira Pardeshi, Murali Sharma, Subhalekha Sudhakar


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