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Two Souls Movie Review

Two Souls Movie Review


Cast: Trinadh Varma, Bhavana Sagi, Mounika Reddy, Ravi Teja Mahadasyam and others


Director: Shravan Kumar

 Music: Pratik Abhyankar and Anand Nambiar

 Cinematography: Shashank Sri Ram

 Editor: Shravan Kumar

 Producer: Vijaya Lakshmi Veluri

It is again the time of small-budget movies at the box office after hits like Balagam. Another such movie with a new concept is ‘Two Souls’ by director Shravan Kumar. The movie was released on April 21. Let’s see how the movie fared.


Akhil (Trinadh Varam) and Priya (Mounika Reddy) are in a relationship. Akhil wants to take the extreme step of ending his life after concluding that he was being cheated on by Priya. His attempt turns futile and he ends up in a hospital. Akhil’s soul leaves his body and meets Priya (Bhavana Sagi). The rest of the story is the answer to questions such as what is the relation between the girls named Priya? did Akhil’s soul really leave his body or was it a dream? Did Akhil know the truth about Priya at the end? .


Two Souls is director Shravan Kumar’s debut film. Yet, the way the subject was treated and presented is commendable but the film falls short of good writing in some portions.

In such films with lesser-known faces, it is the script and conversations between the characters that keep the viewers engaged. Better and meaningful conversations instead of a routine exchange of words make a big difference.

Shashank Sri Ram’s cinematography, Pratik Abhyankar’s music and background score are good. The film’s production values are good. 


All the performances in the film are good. Trinadh Varma as a carefree youngster is suited for the role. He plays an emotional character who loses his mother and then his girlfriend in the film. 

Young and upcoming actresses Bhavana Sagi and Mounika Reddy gave their best. 

What’s good


 Production design


What’s bad


Lack of intense drama


Watch it if you can bear boredom for a good story

Sarkar Rating: 2.5/5

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