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There will be no satisfaction for the actress – to be seen in their films like Rajamouli – Aamini

There will be no satisfaction for the actress – to be seen in their films like Rajamouli – Aamini

Allanta Doorana is a visual feast with a beautiful love story – Aamini, Hrithika Srinivas

The movie Allanta Doorana starring senior actress Aamani’s niece Hrithika Srinivas as Vishwa Karthikeya’s hero. R.R. under the direction of Chalapathi Puvala. Presented by Mrs. Komali on the Creative Commercial banner. Built by Chandramohan Reddy. Made in Telugu and Tamil, the film is all set to release soon. In a press conference held at the company’s office on Sunday, actress Amini and Hrithika Srinivas shared many things about the film and her career.

That being said, it would be a visual feast with a nice love story. The work of the cameraman, music and director brought Vanne to the film. Vishwa Karthikeyan became a hero as a child actor. Similarly, my niece Hrithika Srinivas also impressed me by playing a full-fledged role in the movie Chaplin Chamomile in Tamil on Thursday. Reading on the one hand, acting on the other is what he likes. That’s why the film then focused on reading. The movie also has scenes in Hrithik combination. The big dialogue itself is also told in a single take.

As an actress, I told myself all the achievements of the film industry. She watched movies of other heroines besides my own and learned from them. Then I met Bapu, K. Vishwanath, S.V. Krishnareddy and K. Raghavendra Rao have learned a lot from working in their films. It will be very useful for the movies that are doing it now. No matter how many characters you play, you will not be satisfied. There is still something to be done. I want to do a few different roles like the role of the mother, the role of the police. Also, if we see Rajamouli, Sukumar, Puri Jagannath and Mani Ratnam in films like Darshakudu, we will be able to make further improvements as an actress. As an actress I was on the peak stage and then took the gap from raising children. Now let’s get to the bottom of it. That is why I focused on the Telugu field which made me famous more than any other language. Once upon a time, heroines and character artists were also a priority. But Ranura lacked it. The heroines are also nominally part of the story. There is nothing wrong with that. We follow the trend. Once upon a time the film was so carefully watched in front of the camera. Now that it has gone digital, the director can easily take any number of takes. We are as difficult as climbing the Tirupati stairs to climb each step as an actress. But now there are a lot of opportunities for actresses. You can download web series, OTT, serials, or even your own YouTube. Said.

Heroine Hrithik Srinivas said, “I will be a nun, which means they have the courage to have an aunt at home.” Aunty is an inspiration in acting but she has learned many things from each heroine in each movie. I like classical dance. Madhuri Dixit is my inspiration. I took no training in acting. Everyone says that Chaplin has done well in a Tamil film called Chamomile in the last five years. The dialogues are given before the director does the scene. I read those dialogues in Telugu and Tamil at night and told them in a single take. Our aunt was also surprised. No criteria were put in place. Good character. Ready to do that role as it suits the story. I recently did a movie in Tamil starring Ashok Hero. It was released yesterday. I did a movie in Kannada. Now I have made this movie in Telugu. He said that he thinks good characters will come first.

Mrs. Komali, the presenter of the film, said that the film came out well. The post-production has reached the final stage. A release date will be announced soon.

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