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“The Story of a Beautiful Girl” Release worldwide on May 12.

“The Story of a Beautiful Girl” Release worldwide on May 12.

Suspense thriller “The Story of a Beautiful Girl” distributed by “Reliance Entertainment” has a grand release worldwide on May 12.

The Telugu industry, which has given rise to many different stories, comes to entertain the audience with another unique story, The Story of a Beautiful Girl. With Telugu beautiful heroine Charmy Kaur.. Gen Next Movies banner produced the movie Mantra which became a big sensational hit. It is known that Charmy’s career took a turn with that movie. Later, under the same banner, Maliya released the film Butterfly with the glamorous heroine Anupama Parameswaran. This movie is the best movie in Anupama’s career. With that, Anupama had a special association with Gen Next Movies banner. The story of a beautiful girl, a thriller directed by Ravi Prakash Bodapati, the debut director of Mantra movie writer, under the banner of Gen Next Movies, which has produced such super hit films, is all set to release on May 12 worldwide by Reliance. The teaser of this movie which has already been released has impressed the audience. Along with love, action, crime and thrilling elements, this teaser is very interesting. In the process of solving a murder case, it is known that this story is unfolding in the background of investment by journalists and police in all aspects.

Written and directed by Ravi Prakash Bodapati, the film is jointly produced by Prasad Thiruvalluri and Pushyami Dhavaleswarappu. Nihal Kodati is the hero, Drishika Chander is the heroine, along with senior actors Madhunandan, Bhargava Poludasu, Bhavna Durgam, Samartha Yug and prominent journalists Devi Nagavalli, Meher Sriram and others. Music is what gives life to crime thrillers. Gideon Katta has provided such a thrilling background music. Every frame in the movie is amazing. Also, the colors used in the movie are also very well portrayed by DOP Amardeep Guthula. The film’s production values ​​look great in every frame. Praveen Pudi has mesmerized with his editing. The most terrifying case in the Indian history will increase the interest of the audience. We have to wait till May 12 to know how the case was handled.

The makers said that the movie The Story of a Beautiful Girl has been made to appeal to today’s youth with a very diverse story, and the movie has all the elements that the youth want and a good message. The makers are of the opinion that the movie has done very well and the actors and technicians who have acted in this movie will get the same name as Charmy got with the movie Mantra. The makers are of the opinion that the prestigious “Reliance Entertainment” company, which has released movies like Nannaku Premato and Seetharamam, saw the movie “The Story of a Beautiful Girl” and liked it so much.. The makers are happy to release this movie worldwide. The makers said that after completing all the programs of this movie, the movie will be released all over the world on May 12. It is known that this movie will surely entertain the audience.

On this occasion, she also did an interview with The Story of a Beautiful Girl team under the banner of Gen Next Entertainment, in association with heroine Anupama. Currently, that interview is also going viral on social media, increasing positive expectations about the film and creating a good buzz.

Nihal Kodati, Drishika Chander, Madhu Nandan, Bhargav Poludas, Samard, Devi Nagavalli, Mehar etc.

Story, Dialogues, Screenplay, Direction: Ravi Prakash Bodapati
Producers: Prasad Thiruvalluri, Pushyami Dhavleswarapu
Co-Producers: Anil, Kranti Juvwala
Executive Producer : Mohan Das Sadunur
d. O. P : Amardeep
Execution Lead : Panchajanya Potharaju
Creative Head : Krishna Chaitanya Kumalleti
Art : Vijay Makkena
Songs Music Director : Arveez
Background Music Director : Gideon Katta Editor :
Praveen Pudi
Costumes Designer : Harshita Ravuri
Production Head : Arvind Kumar Pittala
Dubbing & DJ : Jayanthi Studio
Sound Effects : Naga Kiran
V Effects : Prime Pixel
Dolby Mixing : Prasad Lab Atmos Studio

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