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Sharwanand’s ‘Oke Oka Jeevitham’ Teaser Launch

Oke OKa Jeevitham I can say is that Life Long is my movie – Hero Sharwanand

Young hero Sharwanand is going to make a movie like Milestone in his career. Coming to the forefront of the audience as the only life as the 30th film in a career. Mr. Karthik will be making his directorial debut with this film. The film is being jointly produced by SR Prabhu and SR Prakash Babu under the banner of Dream Warrior Pictures. Tarun Bhaskar provided the lyrics for this family drama and sci-fi movie. Ritu Verma played the heroine in this film. The movie teaser was released on Wednesday. Afterwards the film unit said ..

Satish says .. ‘I am very happy to be a part of this movie. Many thanks to everyone at the cinema unit. Everyone will enjoy this movie. ‘

Tarun Bhaskar says .. ‘We do some projects for career. But when it came to bridal glances I teased for our dad. I did it very carefully and honestly. It seemed like this again in the Sri Karthik movie itself. It was shot for their mom. This movie will touch all of us. There is dedication and motivation in every single line of his writing. The love shown to his mother .. is the star in this movie. Very happy to be a part of this movie. All the best to everyone.

Editor Shri Jit said .. ‘Output is very good. Thanks a lot to the producers. Very happy to be working with Sri Karthik.

DOP Sujit said .. This is the dream of Sri Karthik. Very happy to be a part of this movie. “I am lucky to be working with Amala and Sharwanand,” he said.

Jacques Bijoy says .. ‘This movie is very special to us. Mr. Karthik My Journey started at 9 years old. Amma song is very special. When composing this song .. it seemed like Sri Karthik Amma told me. Many thanks to Amala and Sharwanand. I want everyone to enjoy this movie. ‘

SR Prabhu said .. ‘We all worked together as a family. When the script says so .. we thought everyone would like it. We are looking forward to the right time to release the film. ‘

Amala Akkineni says .. ‘I have become a mother to everyone with this movie. She is very happy to be starring in this film. When the story was told .. I wanted to do this role. Even if the rest of the movies are not done .. this character seemed to put up. The more hard work Mr. Karthik gets the better the name will come. Thanks to everyone who worked for the film. You will definitely enjoy this movie. ‘

Sharwanand says .. ‘The less we talk about this film the better. There is only one life that everyone can enjoy. There are still a lot of events .. Can’t talk the whole thing right now. This is my movie, not Sri Karthik movie .. this is their mother movie. The movie narration has been driving her behind us ever since. Very happy to be a part of this movie. Thanks to God for giving me this picture. This is a movie that says Life Long is my movie. Jacques Bijoy tore up all the songs. Especially what Amma has to say about the song. This song was written by Sirivennela Sitaramashastri .. for 9 months. Unfortunately he is no longer with us. But the songs are always alive. As soon as this story was told I asked if Amala was doing it. I only imagined her in this role. The character of Atma Amala Gary in this movie. This song is not being released. If possible, we would like to call Shastri’s Mother, Amala’s Mother, My Mother and release them at this event. ‘

Director Shri Karthik says .. ‘I have written a story before. But there was no emotion in it. Later our mother died. Then I sat down to write the story again. Seemed to see Amma again. The only scene written to see the mother .. so grew up and became Oke Oka Jeevitham movie. Finding producer SR Prabhu Sir is a blessing given by Amma. My desire is to see my mom again. I also want a hero. He said that there is strong emotional in this and that the film should be made in Telugu. Our mother loves Telugu movies and songs. That is why our mother showed me Sarvanand. I looked at myself while Sharwa was acting. Sharwa will definitely make you cry. Takes you all into the 90s. I thought Amala would do it when I wrote this character. But will she pretend to be back? Or not? I did not think so. I heard her story. Heard like an audience. On the set I saw our mom. I call her Amma. Along with emotions comes comedy as well. Moonlight Kishore, Priyadarshi, Ritu, Nazar Sir have all done wonderfully like this. My whole team also traveled together for six years. This is what remains of the Feel Good movies. Chennai If you write dialogues in Telugu, you will be beaten .. I thought to Tarun Bhaskar. I was shocked to see the bridal gaze movie. Tarun Bhaskar worked very hard for this film. I found myself in him. ‘

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