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The Daily Serial is a sequel to the super hit movie of the day

The Daily Serial is a sequel to the super hit movie of the day

ETV, which has been providing innovative entertainment to the Telugu audience with many different series … is now going to entertain with another brand new daily serial. The uniqueness of this serial is that … Ushakiran Movies, which was an extraordinary success three decades ago, is coming out as a sequel to the movie ‘Maunaporatam’. The ‘silent struggle’ waged by that lonely young woman caused an endless sensation in those days … The film has won many awards and has paved the way for many innocent people who are crying and suffering from witchcraft.

Yamuna and Vinod Kumar played the lead roles in the film ‘Maunaporatam’, which depicts the real life experiences of a tribal girl. Produced by Ramoji Rao, the film features music by renowned singer S. Janaki and directed by Mohan Gandhi.

Almost thirty-three years later ETV is launching a new daily serial of the same name as a sequel to the movie Silence. The heroine of the day Yamuna is going to appear in the same lead role in this serial. Still, things have not changed for a long time. The lives of the unfortunate have not changed.

Born in the jungle, how did the tribal girl ‘Durga’ ిన, who persevered and took charge as a teacher to teach lessons, respond to today’s social problems?
Even if the baby is far away, the placenta is questionable … How did the believer get rid of the values? How far did she go in the conflict between depressing bonds and fiery responsibilities? What has been achieved?

Yamuna, Selvaraj, Manoj, Bobby and Varshika star in the daily serial ‘Maunaporatam’ which is full of unpredictable storylines. ‘Jai’ was directed.

The impressive ‘Silent Struggle’ serial from the beginning will air on ETV every night from Monday 4th April at 8pm.

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