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Telugu heroine talking about illicit relationships

Telugu heroine talking about illicit relationships

Whether it is the craze for their movies or people talking about them … it has become a common thing for movie celebrities to talk out of bounds many times. Esther is now on the list. Actress Esther, who was introduced to the Tollywood industry with the film 1000 Lies, has acted in several films since then. Bhimavaram Bullodu, who co-starred with Sunil, brought her a good name. Afterwards Garam and Jaya Janaki appeared in two movies as one of the heroes but did not get much recognition.

With this, the focus shifted to Tamil and Kannada languages. Esther, who was romantically married to Singer Noel in 2019, divorced him a year later due to differences between the two and made headlines. In a recent interview ..
The heroine Esther seems to have become very common in illicit relationships. He says he has heard of a lot of illicit relationships and is aware of incidents where he continues to have an affair with a married stranger.

Esther says …. “Illegal relationships have become a hot topic right now. I heard through my friends about a lot of illicit relationships going on in the community. Some people are talking openly about their illicit relationship. Others are working in secret. These are now commonplace in the community. ” She said.

But there seems to be a reason for Esther to talk about illicit relationships. She is currently making a movie. In it, Esther appears as a housewife having an affair. That is why she expressed her opinion on extramarital affairs.

Esther is making a movie called. In it she will appear as a married man. However, it is the role of a woman who is not comfortable in bed even though she is married. At the same time she has a physical relationship with a boy next door. What decision did Esther make under such circumstances? The film tells the story of how she responded to society and her husband. Watch the movie trailer and you will get some clarity. 69 Sanskar Colony will be released on March 4.

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