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Taman unveils ‘C’ studio logo

Taman unveils ‘C’ studio logo

Leading music director Taman unveiled the ‘C-Studios (The Soul Full Music side)’ logo to be set up by the late music director Chakri’s younger brother Mahit Narayan. On this occasion Taman .. recalled the days when he made the journey with Chakri. “We came to Chakrigari not to work for money. He came for love. I want Chakrigari’s younger brother Mahit Narayan to be a good music director. I sincerely hope that C-Studio, which will be named after Chakri, will grow. ” He said that he would do his part to help Mahit Narayan as a brother. He appealed to everyone to embrace the studio. The logo tagline ‘Soul Full Music Adda’ impressed him so much that Chakri also said that he was soulful and spiritual with everyone. Mahit Narayan said .. I would like to thank Taman for giving me the time and unveiling the logo. He said that a studio will be opened in Srinagar Colony, Hyderabad soon. He asked for the blessings of Annayya Chakri and the blessings of all. There are two ‘Cs’ in the studio name, one is Annayya Chakri and the other is Megastar Chiranjeevi, both of whom are ideal for him.

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