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Svitch Bike Introduces Affordable EV Bike, EV CSR 762

The newly soft-launched CSR 762 by Svitch Bike is the first two-wheeler EV superbike that comes as a breath of fresh air with new design language, technology and packaging. It offers 30L boot space for the consumer where one can put their helmet, riding gears, cell phone chargers, and groceries.

The EV market is an exciting terrain to ride on because it is new, environmentally friendly, and saves fuel costs. The consumers have gotten disgruntled with the repetitive 2 wheeler petrol automobiles and still, they’re purchasing it as there has been no innovation thus far. Now CSR 762 will give consumers a sigh of relief by offering long-lasting performance in the EV segment with exciting specifications like dashing 3KW motor, 3.6KW swappable batteries and can reach up to 120 KMS with a top speed of 110 KMPH. The cost of the bike ranges from 1.65 lacs to 1.90 lacs with a subsidiary from the government of India up to 40,000 INR, making it the most affordable bike in the EV category.

In an event named Svitch, Mr Raj Patel, soft-launched CSR 762 at the Taj Skyline hotel at Ahmedabad, Gujarat on the 20th of November, 2021 in front of the company’s top-performing Dealers and Distributors. The newly soft-launched CSR 762 is the 10th prototype to come where Mr Raj Patel and Mr Chintan Khatri were personally involved in overlooking the operations and design language of the bike.

Mr Raj Patel, Founder & MD of Svitch Bike, is ferociously raising funds for CSR 762. The final designs have been confirmed and the product is in the approval stages from the government before it rolls out into the market in the first quarter of 2022, tentatively. Mr Raj is going all out as Svitch Bike recently acquired 1,53,900 square feet worth of infrastructure dedicated to electric vehicle space.

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Svitch Bike has established 125 touchpoints with dealers and distributors across pan-India and another 250 touchpoints are on the go. The new-gen CSR 762 comes with battery swappable technology, where Svitch will provide battery swapping ATMs for all the users.

Svitch, who has a customer base of thousands, aims to touch a million users by the end of 2022. Svitch recorded great sales even in the grim times of COVID. It is constantly transforming, just like their dynamic founder, Mr Raj, as CSR 762 will add another feather to his hat in terms of two-wheeler EV products after acquiring the electric cycle market.

The reason which makes Svitch Bike and CSR 762 so special and unique is their ability to deliver premium and affordable solutions to consumers from all walks of life.

The company is also moving forward with its staff structure as it is growing rapidly in terms of team. The Svitch team has flourished from a core team of 2 to a team of 250 plus employees strong.

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