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Superstar Krishna unveils ‘Mr. King’ first look poster starring Vijay Nirmala Grand Son Sharan as the hero

Superstar Krishna unveils ‘Mr. King’ first look poster starring Vijay Nirmala Grand Son Sharan as the hero

Vijay Nirmala’s grandson Sharan Kumar is getting acquainted with the hero. Sharan Kumar, son-in-law of senior Naresh, is all set to star in ‘Mr. King’. The film is being produced by BN Rao under the banner of Hanvika Creations. Shashidhar Chawli is directing.

The Mr. King shooting is already over. Currently in post production. On this occasion, the Mr. King poster was unveiled by Krishna Garu at the superstar Krishna’s residence in Nanak Room Guda on Sunday on the occasion of Vijaya Nirmala’s birthday.

Superstar Krishna said, “We are happy to unveil the ‘Mr. King’ poster on the occasion of Vijay Nirmala’s birthday. Sharan wants to make a name for himself as a hero through this movie. The movie should be a super hit. I would like to extend my best wishes to the producers of the show and the film unit.

Senior Naresh said the producers are Nageshwara Rao and Ravikiran. Shashidhar is the director. Hero Sharon is my son-in-law. My cousin is Rajkumar’s son. The 8th hero coming out of our family. Coming forward with a good team. Fans used to come here on every birthday of our saleswoman and take blessings. On this occasion, the `Mr. King ‘poster was unveiled today. Entertaining with an attractive title. The film stars seniors like Murali Sharma and Sunil. The film is a family entertainer with excellent production values. Sharan says he wants to be a good hero.

Producer BN Rao says that having a good character is like being with a king. That’s why we named him `King ‘in the story. Our saleswoman is also a fan of successful designers. I would like to thank Krishnagari and Naresh Gari for unveiling our movie poster today.

Director Shashidhar Chawli says that this is a movie that will be entertaining in the entertainment industry as a family story. The shooting is over. We will let you know more details soon.

The movie hero Sharan said, “With the blessings of my grandfathers Krishna, Naresh Uncle and Nani, I am moving forward as a hero. Naresh Uncle is my role model. I grew up watching Tatangari movies and Naresh Uncle movies. So I wanted to be a hero with interest. This movie is Youthful Family Entertainer. In this my character name is Shiva. Hope it connects well to Youth. Mani Sharma provided the cool music.

Sharan Kumar, Nishkala, Urvi Singh, Murali Sharma, Tanikella Bharani, Sunil, Wennela Kishore, SS Kanchi, Shweta Pragatur, Idream Anjali, Srinivas Goud, Mirchi Kiran, Zabardast Fani, Roshan Reddy, Rajkumar Samarthi, Srinidhi Gudur

Technical staff:
Producer: Hanvika Creations, Presenters: Baby Hanvika Presents, Producer: BN Rao, Story & Director: Shashidhar Chawli, Music Director: Manisharma, Cinematographer: Tanveer Anjum, Lyrics: Bhaskarabhatla, Ramajoyya Shastri, Kadali, Co-Producer: Ravikiran Chava , Choreographer: Bhupathi Raja,
Publicity Designer: Shivam C Kabilan, PRO: Vamsi – Shekhar,
Costume Designer: Kavya Kantamani & Rajshree Ramineni

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