Monday, April 15, 2024

Sudheer Babu’s wife Priyadarshini filed a case

Priyadarshini filed a complaint with the police that she has been cheated by Shilpa Chowdhary. ACP Raghunandan Rao said they have freezer all the bank accounts of Shilpa Chowdhary and her husband. Priyadarshini happens to be the husband of actor Sudheer Babu

Telangana is shocked as revelations are coming out over the scams done by Shilpa Chowdhary, a socialite turned producer. Police found out that she duped many celebrities under the pretext of investments in real estate. It is coming out that Super Star Mahesh Babu’s sister Priyadarshini was also duped with Rs 3.90 crs.

Police found that Shilpa Chowdhary and her husband Srinivas Prasad operated with multiple bank accounts. Narsingi Police arrested the couple and produced them in front of the court. Shilpa who started her career as the producer of Sehari built contacts with various film personalities and cheated them.

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