Sodara Sodaraimanulara Movie Review

Sodara Sodaraimanulara Movie Review: A Decent One-Time Watch With Realistic Performances



Sarkar Rating: 2.5/5

Cast: Kamal Kamaraju, Aparna Devi, Kalakeya Prabhakar, Prithviraj, etc

Director: Raghupathi Reddy Gunda
Producer: Vijay Kumar Paindla
Cinematography: Mohan Chari
Editor: Pawan Shekhar Pasupuleti
Music: Vardhan

Release Date: September 15

Kamal Kamaraju is returning to the big screen after a very long time in a full-length role in this action thriller. The movie’s theatrical trailer caused quite a buzz before its release.

Cab driver Raju (Kamal Kamaraju) is a hard-working middle-class guy who runs from one pillar to another to clear the loan taken for his cab and to sustain his family consisting of his wife Sravani (Aparna Devi). One day, he accepts to drop a passenger named Sunny at a resort. When he returns, a major shock awaits him, which will turn his life upside down at once. Meanwhile, a cop and a politician interfere with his life. What happens next?

The movie is centered around a simple plot and the director has so much to do to make this point into an engaging film that entertains the viewer. The movie is predictable, as usual, but there are a few key high points in the narration, which makes it a decent watch. The director, Musician, and cinematographer have done their best for Sodara Sodarimanulara movie.

Kamal Kamaraju is an actor who proved his mettle a long time ago. He was a natural and delivered the role of Raju with conviction. He got to portray a meaty role which he utilized properly. Aparna Devi too effortlessly played the role of Sravani, which showcased various emotions. She is shown as a strong woman who does everything in her capacity to save her husband.

Characters and portrayals of Kamal Kamaraju and Aparna Devi


Repetitive scenes
Slow-paced narration

Bottom line: A decent one-time watch for realistic performances.

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