Shyam Singha Roy Review

The Nani, Sai Pallavi, Krithi Shetty, and Madonna Sebastian starrer Shyam Singha Roy, is a supernatural drama in which Nani plays a dual character. The film is set in Kolkata with the running theme of reincarnation. 


An upbeat young man, Vasu Dev (Nani) desires to be a filmmaker, and collaborates on a short film with Keerthy (Krithi). As the short film garners popularity, he is offered the opportunity to collaborate on a feature film with her. The film is a commercial success, and Vasu is suddenly bombarded with other film offers. But that’s about the time when the cops arrest Vasu for copyright violation. Vasu has been subconsciously making films based on stories written by Shyam Singha Roy in the 1970s. The plot of the story revolves around finding out who Shyam SInghq Roy is.

Rahul Sankrityan chose a conventional action drama and incorporated commercial aspects into it. The film’s central theme is the periodic Kolkata track, which has been performed reasonably effectively. The first half doesn’t offer much in the way of plot development, but it does have a lighthearted feel to it. The story unfolds at a reasonable pace. The focus is on Nani’s quest to become a filmmaker and his love track with Krithi. The true tale begins in the second half.

Shyam Singha Roy is intense and deals with social issues that were prevalent in the 1970s. Shyam’s revolution against the Devadasi system and the flaws in the society are well-presented. Nevertheless, there are a few stuttering situations in the second half. The tempo suffers as a result. In addition, certain scenarios in the film lack sufficient logical justification. As a result, the film’s climax is underwhelming, and it finishes on a low note. 

Nani has performed admirably in both roles. The character of Shyam Singha Roy is obviously the most difficult, and he delivers a flawless performance in it and   exhibits the appropriate amount of passion. The stunner Sai Pallavi,   radiates charisma and exudes the poise required for the role. One of her strong suits is dancing, and she delivers a winning dance performance in the Pranavalaya song. Her rendition of a Devadasi is quite impressive. Krithi as a glamorous doll is fair. Madonna Sebastian has a small part, but she plays it well. Mickey J Meyer’s songs are mediocre at best, but his background soundtrack is excellent. Overall, it is a decent production. —


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