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Shooting of PREMA JANTA in Sitarampuram is over!

Shooting of PREMA JANTA in Sitarampuram is over!

Chander Gowd is producing the film A Love Couple in Sitarampuram directed by M. Vinay Babu on the theme of Sri Dhanalakshmi Movies. Ranadheer is getting acquainted with the hero with this love story film set in the village backdrop. Nandini Reddy is being introduced as the heroine. The film is currently shooting at Bhoot Bungalow in Hyderabad. A press conference was arranged on Thursday on the occasion to mark the occasion.

Director Vinay Babu said, “The shooting will end tomorrow. The movie went much better than expected. This movie is very different from the love story movies that are coming out now. Village Backdrop Love Story. A must watch movie for every couple in love. We are also giving a good message to parents. Ranadheer is becoming known as a hero. Herola is the first movie to have a lot of experience doing Herola fights, dance and action episodes. We are also introducing Nandini Reddy as the heroine. In the fight that comes in the climax, Nandini has given an amazing performance like Vijay Shanthi. So far I have done four films as a director. When we thought of this story, our producer helped us to come up with a good output without compromising anywhere. Recently, the first single Talasani was launched by Srinivas Gary. There is a good response to that song. We will release another song soon. The film is also slated to release in March. The cinematographer, the music director and our technical team are very cooperative.

Producer Beesu Chander Gowd said, “I made this film based on the story told by director Vinay Babu and introduced our son Ranadheer as a hero. We spent close to the story without compromising anywhere. There has been a good response on YouTube to the recently released song. The shooting took place in Andhra Pradesh, Bhadrachalam, Chick Mangalore, Bangalore, Hyderabad and other places. This is a beautiful love story film set in a rural environment. There are good twists in the story. I want to bless our son Ranadheer who is getting acquainted as a hero.

Music director S S Nivas said, “My thanks to the producers of the show who gave me the opportunity to compose music for this film. There has been a good response to the song that has already been released. I am confident that there will be a good response to the songs that will be released soon.

Speaking of language, the actor said, “It is a great feeling to work with director Vinay Babu. Thanks to our producer for giving us a good look in this movie.

Heroine Nandini Reddy said …. “Story, if my characterization is accepted and this movie is accepted. The filmmakers took care of a family. Very happy to be working with a good team. My performance in the recently released song has got a good name, “he said.

Hero Ranadheer said …. “ Thanks to our director Vinay Babu for giving us the opportunity to act as a hero in this movie. With the support of Vinay Babu Gary, I was able to act as expected in this movie. Everybody told me and got a good look from me. The advice and suggestions given by Vijay Kumar Gary, a very senior cinematographer, were very useful to me. Music is also a good plus for a movie. Despite being very busy, Ganesh Master composed the songs for our film. The entire team worked on their own films. I want the audience to respect my first film as a hero.

Starring Suman, Surya, Amit, Nittail, Mirchi Madhavi, Shiva Shankar, BHEL Prasad, Bhasha and others, the film has music by SS Nivas; Camera: Vijay Kumar.A, Editing: Nandamuri Hari; Fights: Ram Sunkara; Choreography by Ganesh Master, Ajay Shiva Shankar; Songs: Suddala Ashok Tej; Abhinaya Srinivas; Story-Screenplay-Words-Direction: M.Vinay Babu.

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