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Shikaru Trailer Launcher by VV Vinayak

Shikaru Trailer Launcher by VV Vinayak

P.S. in Nageshwari (Padma) submission. R. The film is directed by Hari Kolangani and produced by Kumar (Babji). Sai Dhansika, Tej Koorapati, Abhinav Madishetti, Dheeraj Atreya Navkanth, were the main cast. Sai Lakshmi Creations banner has blossomed. Shekhar Chandra composed the music. VK Vinayak, the inventor of the Shikaru trailer.

v v Vinayak says, I saw two scenes when I did the movie Aadi and bought it at a higher rate Babji. Judgment is well aware that he has such confidence in my film. His acquaintance has continued ever since. Vizag has a good reputation as a distributor. Convincing the producer to make a film with director Hari is a great thing. Because the producer does not compromise. Such is his grip on stories. He said he was confident that the film would also be a success.

Producer P.S. R. Kumar (Babji) says that Hari Garu has made the story a very beautiful comedy. When I first told the story I said ok. When it started. We encountered three coronas. I had a good experience with the first movie. Shekhar Chandra said that the chanting was composed by Chakkati. I was told that people like Prasanna Kumar and Vinayak were all very supportive.

Chamaik Chandra said, “I played the role of giving this movie a twist. I did a good role. Very happy to have worked with a good team. Four guys did. Has been wisely done before. He said he was confident it would be a good success.

Lyricist Bhaskara Bhattala Ravi says, “According to the story, I wrote the songs in it.” Somewhere along the way, however, the heroine was left speechless without being targeted. Sai Dhansika performed well. The producers of the show said that they are confident that it will be a great success.
Ammiraju said, Vizag distributor Babji. He released the films I made and gave them good success. He also wished the film unit success.

Beckham Benugopal said that Vinayak came to bless the film. Thanks a lot‌. Babji is a good distributor. Has 40 years of experience in the industry. Withstood many ups and downs. Also the four guys who starred in it did it in the wit I did. Dhansika performed well. The hit art appears in the trailer. Said.

Sai Dhansika said, “I saw Rajinikanth in time as his daughter. After that came opportunities in Telugu cinema. The film got a good character. The director said that he would like to thank the producer for choosing me.

Actors Tej Koorapati, Abhinav Madishetti and Dheeraj Atreya Navkanth said that the film opens in a completely entertaining manner with a chaotic story. He said he was confident that a good name would come to everyone.

Prasannakumar said that Babjigaru had good success as a dispatcher. I want my first attempt as a producer to be successful.

Director Sunil Kumar Reddy said that Bobby used to come and watch the shooting in Vizag. I know him well. There is a good passion in the selection of stories. Shikaru Husharula says he wants success.

Director Hari said, “I am very happy that Vinayak has come and blessed me. Good youthful movie. Stories like this should come today. He said the pull gives the audience entertainment.

Yet the film unit participated and wished the film success.

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