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Sensitive topic is shown in an entertaining way – started again by director TG Keerthi Kumar

Sensitive topic is shown in an entertaining way – started again by director TG Keerthi Kumar

I like to say commercial stuff in entertainment

After the blockbuster ‘Malli Rawa’, Sumant starred in the latest film ‘Malli Modalindi’, directed by TG Keerthi Kumar, produced by Rajasekhar Reddy under the banner of Edi Entertainment and composed by Anoop Rubens. On this occasion, film director TG Keerthi Kumar told a media conference on Saturday.

  • The essence of the movie is how their life started again even though they are a divorced couple. Take a very sensitive topic and show it in Entertainment.
  • This is my first movie in Telugu. In 2014, I did a film in Tamil. I did some ads after that. Basically my Chennai. I shifted to Hyderabad to make Telugu movies.
  • The movie that started again came on OTT yesterday. Congratulations on a great week. Somewhere critics are responding in a trendy way. This is a movie to watch with family.
  • Sumanthgari I have a common friend. I wrote a synopsis mail to Sumant after I wrote the story through him. I just read it and sent the full story. He said he would do it soon. It’s just him. Not told to any hero. I told him that he would fit the character in the story realistically as he got older.
  • Divorce story written in First Lockdown. The inspiration for this story is my friend. In his life there were divorces and remarriages. Like the Lawyer character shown in this movie, we put it cinematically.
  • In the process of writing the script, we met some divorced couples and took feedback from them. Do not take this seriously. Gave tips to do with Comedy Touch.
  • We thought this story would be risky. Because it does not reach all sections. A and B are thought to be well-liked by the audience.
  • There is no vulgarity in this. A movie to watch comfortably with family. We took care not to hurt anyone’s feelings.
  • This movie was made for the theater only. We thought we’d release it at least in multiplexes once the editing is complete. But the producers went so far as to say that OTT is safe because of the trouble with theaters due to Corona. G5 liked them and made a good offer.
  • Many friends watched this movie yesterday in US, Bangalore, Chennai. Congratulations on a good deal.
  • Sumant’s family members as well as his friends saw this movie and gave feedback that it was good. Nagarjuna has not seen it yet. We hope to see.
  • I like to do commercial movies in entertainment. That’s why I wrote appropriate stories.
  • The Telugu audience changed a lot during the lockdown. Like content based movies. Somehow a good outcome. That’s why when I write new stories, I keep them in mind.
  • I watch Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam movies. I saw Pushpam and Akhanda movies in Telugu. He said the pictures were taken with different content.

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