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Harsh Kanumilli, Gnanasagar Dwaraka, Virgo Pictures Sehari Theatrical Trailer Unleashed

Harsh Kanumilli and Simran Choudary starrer crazy rom-com Sehari is gearing up for its theatrical release. Gnanasagar Dwaraka is debuting as director with the movie, while Advaya Jishnu Reddy is producing it under Virgo Pictures banner. Harsh Kanumilli is also the writer for the movie. Today, the makers have unleashed theatrical trailer of the movie.

Going by the trailer, Harsh Kanumilli is looking for his soulmate. The problem here is he feels all the girls he meets is his soulmate. But they break-up with him due to his innocence. Finally, he meets Simran Choudary who precisely comprehends his world. However, the twist in the tale is she happens to be the elder sister of his fiancée and is four years elder to him.

Gnanasagar Dwaraka has opted for a story that will largely appeal to youth, though he made it as a wholesome entertainer with elements for all sections. It’s sparkingly, sparingly, captivating and cool rom-com with lively visuals.

Harsh Kanumilli steals the show with his innocent acting and the character looks tailor-made for him. Simran Choudary has got a meaty role, wherein Nandu appeared in a special role. Koti is cool as Harsh’s father, wherein Abhinav Gomatam played a hilarious role as his friend.

Aravind Vishwanath’s cinematography is notable, while Prashanth R Vihari’s background score is captivating. Production design of Virgo Pictures is vivid. Ravi Teja Girijala is the editor.

Sehari will arrive in theatres worldwide on February 11th.

Cast: Harsh Kanumilli, Simran Choudary, Abhinav Gomatam, Praneeth Reddy, Anisha Alla, Akshitha Harish, Koti, Balakrishna and others.

Technical Crew:
Director: Gnanasagar Dwaraka
Writer: Harsh Kanumilli
Producer: Advaya Jishnu Reddy
D.O.P: Aravind Vishwanath
Music Director: Prashanth R Vihari
Editor: Raviteja Girijala
Art Director: Sahi Suresh

తెలుగులో చదవండి

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