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Save The Tigers Movie Review: Fun filled entertainer

Save The Tigers Movie Review: Fun filled entertainer

Cast: Priyadarshi, Abhinav Gomatam, Chaitanya Krishna, Pavani Gangireddy, Deviyani Sharma and Jordar Sujatha and others.

Crew: Director: Teja Kakumanu
Producer: Mahi V Raghav
Editor: Shravan

Teja Kakumanu’s web series ‘Save The Tigers’ is streaming on Disney + Hotstar from April 27 2023. The trailer and teasers of the series evoked good response from the film buffs. Let us see if the series would

Save The Tigers story is the story of three men who think they are on the verge of extinction a situation faced by the tigers in forests.

Woven around the lives of three young couples, Save The Tigers is all about relationship issues that are dealt by modern day wives and husbands these days.
Ganta Ravi (Priyadarshi) herds buffaloes and sells milk in a slum area along with his mother Poshavva (Gangavva) and wife Hymavathi ( Jordar Sujatha) and two children while Goutham (Abhinav Gomatham) an aspiring writer lives with his wife Dr.Madhuri (Pavani Gangireddy) and a child. Vikram (Chaitanya Krishna) who works as a creative director with an ad agency is married to a noted lawyer Rekha (Deviyani Sharma). They too have a girl child.

What happens to the families after the couples face unending relationship issues forms the rest of the story.


Save The Tigers story written by Pradeep Advaitam succeeded in highlighting the lives of frustrated couples in a funny and hilarious way. Many couples who watch the series could draw parellels to the scenes in their real life.

There are a total of six episodes – Mothers Day, Tigers Meet, Tigers on TV, Dikky Dikky, No Pain No Gain, and Best of The Tigers – in the series. The production design is adequate for the series.
Through of the series fun and emotion are the main elements. The narration is racy and it was necessary as the series has only six episodes.

Cinematography Vishweshwar presented the visuals in a realistic manner. Background score by Sriram Madduri is soothing at places and goes along with the flow of the series.


Barring one or two, all the actors cast in the series are well experienced. In addition to the six lead roles, others including Harshavardhan, Srikanth Iyengar have given their best in the series. Srikanth Iyengar plays a cop, a role that suits him well.

Priyadarshi’s Telangana dialect elevated his character as well as the series to next level. Sathya Krishnan and Venu Yeldandi did their bit for the small roles they played. Female leads Pavani Gangireddy, Deviyani Sharma and Jordar Sujatha were apt for the roles.

What’s Good
Story, Screenplay and Direction
Lead couples

What’s Bad

Bottom Line
Watch it if you are married or about to get married

Sarkar Rating: 3/5

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