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Satya Film Institute, which was started by movie stars

Satya Film Institute, which was started by movie stars

“Satya Film Institute” was started by renowned writer and director Vijayendra Prasad, director Prasanna Kumar, actors Jeevita Rajasekhar, music director RP Patnaik, hero Sampoornesh Babu and Rakesh Master.

In order to act in a film, dialogues and dance are not enough. In addition to acting, one has to be trained in a variety of techniques such as fighting. We have come up with a new institute to train all such people in one place. Institutes have trained many people in dance and produced hundreds of dancers and introduced them to the field of TV and cinema. However, Satya Film Academy celebrated the “opening ceremony in the presence of cine and political dignitaries” with the aim of training young men and women of all talents, not just dance, to produce all kinds of acting and perfect actors. Actors Jeevita Rajasekhar, Kalvakuntla Tejaswi, Beegala Ganesh Gupta, Music Director RP Patnaik, Hero Sampoornesh Babu, Rakesh Master, Jitendra, Ravi, Bhagwat, Radha Mohan, Jaldanki Sudhakar, Quddus, Shyamala Reddy, Shiva, ML Vijay, Ravi,, Anchor Geeta Bagat was the founder & CEO of Satya Academy and gave blessings to Satya Master & Team.

Satya Academy Founder & CEO Satya Master says .. Thank you to the elders and well-wishers who came to bless our “Satya Academy”. He works in the Directon department of the Chennai film industry. With his support, I wanted to become a great dancer. I learned dance from Mastan Master in Vijayawada, where I learned dance from Shekhar Master at the same institute. We came to Hyderabad 20 years ago. Here too we did apprenticeship with the nose king, Rakesh Master. Since then, as a dancer and choreographer, we have faced many ups and downs. During his time working as a dancer and choreographer in the industry, he could not even find food to eat. However, we have worked very hard to survive in this field. In this order, we have worked hard to reach this level with the support of the Andhra Union Telugu Dancers Association, many masters have led us forward. Many young people at that time had the opportunity to show their talent but did not get the proper training or opportunity. We noticed that and set up the “Satya D. Zone” Dance Academy to support them. I am very proud to have produced hundreds of dancers through this Satya Dee Zone and sent them to the TV industry and the film industry.

Satya Film Studio, Satya D. The Satya Acting Academy was named as an extension to Jones. Students will be trained by a professional professor who is a recipient of the Nandi Award, which is highly valued in the e-Academy.

While Sunayana & Rammohan are guys in terms of acting, my disciples are in terms of dance. Many award-winning teachers also teach yoga and zumba. Tourism Development Srinivas Gupta and TG Venkatesh said there would also be blessings for those who could not come.

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