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Satisfaction as an actor now: Senior actor Shivaji Raja

Satisfaction as an actor now: Senior actor Shivaji Raja

Shivaji Raja has made his silver screen debut as an actor with a film titled ‘Kallu’ based on the play ‘Kallu’ directed by renowned cinematographer MV Raghu. He received the Nandi Award for Best New Actor for this film. Since then he has acted in many super hit films as a supporting actor. Gunnam Gangaraju produced and starred in a few episodes of the popular Amritam series which aired on Gemini TV. Shivaji Raja, who has acted in many films as an actor, has also been the President of our Association. He was speaking to the media on the occasion of Shivaji Raja’s birthday today, February 26. In his words ..

It has been almost 37 years since I entered the film industry. I started my career in Madras. I entered the industry on February 24, 1985 in Chennai. I have a close relationship with many film people. My real name is Shivaji Raju .. but one day Echuri asked .. what is Shivaji Raju when he said put my name .. in the press my name changed to Shivaji Raja. So the media changed my name. What I did not bring when I came into the industry, came with dry hands. The better name we earn, the better the name. Four states were shaken when the next Puneet died. What could be better than that. As an actor, I have acted in over 500 films. I did different movies and roles as an actor. When the next corona arrived we supplied a lot of essentials beyond my means. Essentials .. all sent together .. I could not find the satisfaction contained in it. I have been the President of our Association .. I have worked in all the branches before that. When I worked I made a pension of five thousand rupees which was one thousand rupees. If I were the president of our association once again I would have thought of building an oldage home but the waters would fall on it. I felt so happy when I took ten stars with Chiranjeevi and did a show in Dallas. I was relieved when Chiranjeevi took Gari abroad and carefully sent him back to Hyderabad. I did it as responsibly as I did any program. I have been a member of the Movie Artist Association for over twenty years. It was very satisfying to have so many celebrities phone and congratulate. On the occasion of the sixtieth anniversary of my career I had the idea of ​​serving poor artists on the Shivaji Raja Charitable Trust. Recognizing and supporting the talents of artists like Mogilaiah will change their lives. The reason for the honor bestowed on Mogilaiah is Chief Minister KCR as well as Pawan Kalyan who gave him the opportunity to recognize him, Trivikram. It would be nice if more people like this came to light. That is why there are so many such poor artists in our two Telugu states. I was ready to encourage them.

I love farming as I make movies as an actor. You will not believe the truth .. I have grown many varieties of crops like paddy, maize and sorghum in the land I have in Manikonda main center. I am also now farming in a farm house in this alcoholic Moinabad. I planted all kinds of crops in the place. Grapes are not grown in that area .. but there I planted the crop and showed it. So if this crop does not grow there then the idea is to grow that crop there.

Now I can not say anything about our association. Because when there is a good opportunity someone should use it. In fact, Murali Mohan has been president five times. But he can do anything he wants but has not done. I like Murali Mohan a lot, but in my opinion he did not take that opportunity. When I was contesting in our elections I campaigned that Rajendra Prasad had distributed money and phones. Some people go here for beer and biryani and change parties. That’s why I seem to struggle for people like that. I am currently the Vice President of the FNCC Club with the highest majority. But here I am not doing anything .. There are adults like Adisesha Girirao, KS Rama Rao, they all take care of it.

In the meantime I had a gap of a few days due to poor health. All of these alcoholics got corona. I am in good health right now. Now Telugu cinema is moving forward in the Great Way. I was a fan of Chiranjeevi from the beginning. But now looking at Allu Arjun, Mahesh and Prabhas, it really feels awful. Because of the stories they choose, the acting has to be said to be really great actors. Looking at Allu Arjun in Madhya Pushpa is like seeing Aamir Khan once. Become a big hero. I also did movies as a hero but no movie was a success for me. As a character artist, the villain, the audience favored him in similar roles. Everyone knows what range name the roles given by Krishnavanshi have brought me. Also, the films and serials made under my Raja Production banner are well-received. Especially all the serials I have done have got Nandi Awards.

Now everything has become technology. Especially OTT dominates well .. Theaters will be very closed in a few days. Who can change that. Because as technology changes .. we have to adapt to change !! Right now I want to remake the movie Eyes under my own banner Your plan is with our boy. Wademo is not giving me time, he is currently making a Hindi movie. He is also making three or four more films. So far I have no idea that I have not done this role in this time of journey. When I came from Bhimavaram I came up with the idea of ​​appearing on screen anyway. I am a first batch student at Madhu Film Institute. Currently I have done three movies .. they are ready for release. We came without any background so it has to be maintained.

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