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“Sakala Gunabhi Rama” trailer released by renowned director Anil Ravipudi and hero Vishwak Sen

“Sakala Gunabhi Rama” trailer released by renowned director Anil Ravipudi and hero Vishwak Sen

“Sakala Gunabhi Rama” trailer released by renowned director Anil Ravipudi and hero Vishwak Sen

Sanjeeva Reddy is producing the movie “Sakala Gunabhi Rama” under the banner of E.I.P.L with VJ Sunny, Sri Tej, Ashima Narwal, Taruni Singh and Srinivas in the lead roles. The film unit celebrated the trailer launch event at the Westin Hotel in Hyderabad on the eve of the completion of the shooting of the film. Leading music director R.P. Patnaik and director Nageshwar Reddy released the songs for the film while director Anil Ravipudi and hero Vishwak Sen released the trailer for the film. All the best, he said

Director Nageshwar Reddy says .. Producers who are new to the industry should make many good films in the industry. Inspire yourself and many more new producers to come to the industry. Veligonda Srinu I started my career at once. He selects good stories and makes films. Writer and director Veligonda Srinu with good entertainment comedy timing. The songs and visuals are extraordinary. Sunny did very well. The film is going to be a big hit. The team says all the best to everyone.

Leading director Anil Ravipudi said, “The trailer is great. Everyone in the Bigg Boss season is very happy to support Sunny .It’s special to say about Sunny. I saw it on Sunny, I saw it on the show, I saw it outside so I like Sunny. I have been on a journey with Veligonda since directing my first film Patas. He directed the movie “Andagadu”. This is the second movie he is doing now. He is busy as a writer and as a director he wants to make a lot of films. Although this is a first film for the producers, this film is a special project for them. They still want to make good films

Music Director RP Patnaik said ..
Those who think hard and creatively will always be successful. Sunny has gained millions of fans through Bigg Boss. He acted very well in it. I want this film to be a big success for the producers who come up with a good story.

Hero Vishwak Sen says..I also had a lot of trouble becoming an actor.Those who rejected me even after being selected for 9 movies.Tarun Bhaskar recognized me and gave me the chance to be a hero.That’s also I did the face of struggle.Even before you go to Bigg Boss Given a chance to recognize you. Now you are in the house of almost every Telugu person than us .This movie trailer is good .I sincerely want this movie to be a big hit.

Guest producer Vivek said, “When I came here, it was an eye-opener that Bigg Boss was here all season. Director Veligonda Srinivas said that the film should be a great success for the producers.

Film director Velugonda Srinivas said .. VV Vinayak launched the song when asked and director Bobby also launched the song. Our thanks to them and many thanks to all who came to support us. .My mega director Anil Ravipudi.Vishwak Sen is very happy to come to our function and bless us even though he is very busy.This story was told to the producers to make a Wife and Husband love story. The producer came forward to say if the story is good. However, the movie with them is like a lottery. We do not know how the result will come unless we work hard for it. The heroines acted very well..DOP Nalini gave more out foot than I thought. The film came out very well with the cooperation of all the technicians and actress actors.I sincerely want the producers to give a hundred more opportunities under the E.I.P.L banner. The songs in it are awesome. Like these songs, the movie is also very good. I wholeheartedly want everyone to embrace this film coming soon to the audience

Hero VJ Sunny said .. Thank you to all the adults and Bigg Boss family friends who came to this event. Every man should have more in life, friends .. They will lead and lead me. Our friends have a dream that I should be a hero. So I tried hard to become an actor to fulfill their dream. But I could not. If I board the train to come to Hyderabad for acting in 10th class Went to Vijayawada. Coming from a middle class family I also did Theater Arts.After that I did as a VJ. I like Varun Sandesh movie very much I want to do Rajesh character with him in “Happy Days” but then I missed it. After that a lot of movies came and went. Should be done wisely but could not. I got the opportunity to act in the serial “Kalyana Vaibhogame” .After that, Veligonda Srinivas realized that only Veedu could act and gave me a chance to act as a hero in this movie .Today is a great moment for me. In the current situation, it is not a common thing to trust a man and make a movie with a lot of money. I am forever indebted to those who have included me in my acquaintance and contributed to my success. It was a film that worked twenty-four hours continuously, regardless of whether it was Rei Day or not. Anudeep gave four good songs. Amit Trivedi sings the song “Psycho Pilla” for us without taking a single rupee. Director Anil Ravipudi and Vishwak Sen are such a man who stands by his peers no matter how tall he is. Thank you for coming to this event to bless us. Many adults, friends and relatives. I am very happy to share this stage with you. The movie came out very well. I sincerely want everyone to anchor our film

Music Director Anudeep said, “First of all, we have to thank the music director RP. RP Gare is the reason why I became a music director for a movie today. I learned music from so many people and my thanks to all of them. Thanks to the producers for giving me the opportunity to be a music director. Singers, technicians, everyone gave me full support

Heroine Ashima, Taruni says that working with Sunny is a great experience for us. Anudeep provided excellent music.Thanks to the producers for giving me the opportunity in a film like ours.

Also on the show, actor Varun Sandesh, lyricist Raghuram, lyric writer Simhachalam, Shree Tej, Manas, etc. Bigg Boss Team Sunny said that the film should be a great success for the director and producers.

VJ Sunny, Shree Tej (Narappa), Ashima Narwal, Taruni Singh Chammak Chandra Mahesh Vitta, Sarayu, Singda etc.

Banner: E.L.P.L.
Movie: – “Sakala Gunabhirama”
Producer: – Sanjeeva Reddy
Story, Writer, Dialogues, Director: – Srinivas Veligonda
Screenplay: – Banu, Nandu
DOP -Nalini Kant Kondapalli
Music Director: Anudeep
Editor: Venkata Reddy
Co-Director: – Deepak
Art Director: -Venkatesh
P.R.O: – Harsha

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