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Saamna Kasim beauties kicking in Silk Chudidar!

Saamna Kasim beauties kicking in Silk Chudidar!

Dance reality show Dhee judge Poorna Purna shines on new show The actor is sitting next to Nagababu and enjoying the comedy. Impressed with the moon-like beauty for this comedy show.

Complete omission from latest season D14. The reason is that Purna is not doing D14 while any Priyamani is going on. It disappointed her fans a bit. Along with Poorna, Sudigali Sudhir, anchors Rashmi (Rashmi gautam) and Deepika Pilli were also spared. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes.

However, Star Ma made her entry as a Poorna judge in the comedy Stars show airing on Ma. The Comedy Stars show is gearing up to compete with Zabardast. As part of this, Nagababu was fielded as a judge. Recently Purna also sat in the judge’s seat. Will she continue at full strength? Or for a few days to know.

Heroine Poorna greets the audience with OTT Release 3 Rojes. Comedy. 3 Roses Positive Talk, which opened as a romantic drama. The Independent Woman is absolutely impressed with Indu’s character. Attempts were made to bring laughter through his character.

Purna is denying the opportunity to come as an actress anymore. She is busy with offers that fall short of her image. The chances of becoming a full star heroine have almost disappeared. That’s why she cleverly started the second inning.

Showing its glamor power as a social media platform … trying to further expand the fan base. Often the photos shared by these hot bombs, the photo shoots they do go insane viral. Freshly dyed in blue color trendy wear. Poorna glamor is supposed to give a super kick.

Senior Stars are doing a pivotal role in films full. She played the role of a Poorna lawyer in the Telugu remake of the Malayalam hit movie Drishyam 2 starring Venkatesh as the hero. Also Balakrishna (Boyapati Srinu) combination is all set to get a full chance in the upcoming hat trick film Akhanda. Akhanda was a huge success. 2021 became one of the top grocers in Tollywood.

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