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Release of suspense thriller ‘Inti No.13’ teaser

Release of suspense thriller ‘Inti No.13’ teaser

Proving to be a talented director with the films ‘Calling Bell’ and ‘Monster’, another different movie ‘Inti No.13’ directed by young director Panna Royal. Tremendous response to the recent release of this movie First Look. At first glance it was understood that another different movie was coming from Panna Royale. Against this backdrop, Chitra Unit has released the ‘Inti No.13’ teaser as a wallpaper gift. Everyone who has seen the teaser will understand that this movie is going to create a new trend. The cinematography and background score are meant to mesmerize the audience. This teaser has been circulating on social media since the moment it was released. The film is being produced by Hassan Pasha under the banner of Regal Film Productions.
Speaking on the occasion of the release of ‘Inti No.13’ teaser, director Panna Royal said, “This is a film aimed at giving a new experience to the audience. Mysterious suspense gives a different experience as a thriller. Very happy to see the response coming after the teaser was released. The film manages to entertain as well as inform. Audiences get the feeling of watching a Hollywood movie. ”
Producer Hesain Pasha said, “Today we bring the teaser to the audience. The response has been greater than we expected. We are very happy to bring a different movie from our banner to the audience. We are also planning to release the trailer of this movie soon. With the release of the trailer, there is a belief that the audience’s expectations on this movie will increase even more. We will complete all the work and bring this film to the audience as soon as possible, ”he said.
Starring: S Manikarnan, Editing: SK Chalam, Choreography: K Srinivas, Lyrics: Venkat Balagoni, Songs: Rambabu Goshala, Singers Shriya Goshil, Rajalakshmi (Tamil Sami Song Fame), Malgadi Producer: Aishwarya, Aishwarya , Story, Screenplay, Direction: Panna Royal.

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