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“Reality is wrong Dreams are for real.” “KALA MUSICAL”

“Reality is wrong Dreams are for real.” “KALA MUSICAL”

A picture is worth a thousand words”.

Life’s journey is all about dreaming and doing something to achieve that dream. The ability to imagine something larger than life forms the essence of living. ‘Kala’ is a musical attempt to depict the dream of many.

‘Kala’ is a musical video song, shot in picturesque locations of Goa and Hyderabad. Featuring the promising and beautiful actress Heena S, the song is rendered by the well-known singer Neha Karode.

As we are about to step into a new year filled with many aspirations, we believe they’re complimented by the power to dream. Presented by KMR Corp ‘Kala’ is directed by the very talented Seshu KMR. So, get set to experience a musical saga.

KMR Corp Presentation
Playback Entertainment Production
Cast: Heena S
Singer : Neha Karode
Lyrics: Kavi Siddhartha
Dop: Bharghav Ravada
Editing & Vfx: Surya Reddy SS
Executive Producer : Raj Kumar Reddy
Music, Concept, Director: Seshu KMR

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