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`Real Dandupalyaam` which is releasing as a grand on February 4th !!

Real Dandupalyaam which is releasing as a grand on February 4th !!

Ragini Dwivedi and Meghna Raj starrer ‘Real Dandupalyaam’ in Telugu and Kannada under the banner of Sri Vaishno Devi at the dedication of Rama Naik. Built by C. Puttaswamy under the direction of Mahesh. The film is set for a grand release on February 4. On this occasion a press meet was arranged today at Prasad Labs.

The chief guest at the event was TFPC Secretary T.K.
Prasannakumar said … “Dandu Palyam has shown in the last series how the women are getting stronger for the Magadi attack. But it makes sense to watch the trailer to see how the women in this real battalion have made an effort to show what it would be like to turn against the injustices and injustices that befall them. After watching this trailer, I remembered the pictures of a duty, a resistance, a silent struggle. This movie is a must see for every woman. Should inspire. The brass action episodes did wonderfully. The film, which is coming out on February 4, is expected to be a big success.

Suresh Kondeti said … “Everyone knows that the Dandupalyaam series created a sensation in Telugu and Kannada languages. If you watch the trailer it makes sense that there is going to be a Real Dandupalyaam movie beyond them. The action episodes done by Ragini Dwivedi are very good. I want this film to be a success and bring good profits to the producer.

Producer C. Puttaswamy said … “It is known that Dandupalyaam series is a grand success in Telugu and Kannada languages. Now there is going to be a `real legion ‘to surpass them all. This ‘real army’ is the story of five girls who were deceived by men in the society. Director Mahesh has screened every scene in a very realistic way. The film is a reflection of the many events that are currently taking place. There is a belief that the film will appeal to audiences of all walks of life in all centers. We are releasing the movie worldwide on February 4th as a grand release.

Nati Ragini Dwivedi said … “I made this film very challenging. The whole team also worked very hard. Based on the director’s real events, the film is screened in a very realistic way. The Real Battalion is going to be awesome more than the previous series. This is the first action movie to be released in Telugu. It is very exciting. I have acted in another big movie in Telugu. Those details will be known soon. I want Real Dandupalyaam, which is releasing as a grand release on February 4, to be a success.

Mallowt Poorna, who set a world record for climbing Mount Everest at the age of 13, said: The film also shows the abuse of women and how women can deal with it effectively. Every woman should watch this movie. Such informative films should come, “he said.

Mahesh Banjara said … “ The trailer is very good. The movie is going to be on the same level. It is a message that should be seen by all women. “

Sandeep Chauhan said … “ The trailer is very good. Highlight for Ragini Dwivedi action movie. The director showed the atrocities committed against women with his eyes closed. “It is a picture that shows that women must face the atrocities that are happening to them with courage.”

Producer Tummalaipalli Ramasathyanarayana said … “Dandu Palyam series played great in Telugu. The real legitimacy that comes with that title should be a big success. Ragini Dwivedi’s beauty and performance are the highlights of this film.

Yet the psyche in this program. Shyam Sain, Shekhar Naik, Sandeep Chauhan and others participated.

Starring Ragini Dwivedi, Meghna Raj, Deepti, Pradhama Prasad, Samyukta Hernad, Yuvraj, Raghu Butt, etc. PRVO: Chandu Ramesh; Producer: C. Puttaswamy, Director: Mahesh.

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