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Ravi Teja And Nani Liked FIR Very Much : Vishnu Vishal

Ravi Teja And Nani Liked FIR Very Much : Vishnu Vishal

Tamil actor Vishnu Vishal’s FIR is releasing on February 11th. It is presented by Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja and is being released by Abhishek Nama in both the Telugu States. FIR trailer was out earlier this week and it looks like an action thriller with a good premise. Vishnu Vishal revealed how Ravi Teja is on board for this project.

“Thanks to my wife Jwala, I have so many Telugu friends. Nani remade my film here as Bheemili Kabaddi Jattu. We are good friends since then. He watched FIR and liked it very much. He immediately agreed to release the trailer,” Vishnu Vishal said.

“My wife Jwala Gutta’s close friend is working with Ravi Teja Sir. She connected me to Ravi Teja Sir. I showed him the trailer of FIR and another film. He was very impressed and asked me how I choose such interesting scripts. He asked me about the plans for FIR. I told him I am interested to release the movie in Telugu. He immediately offered to release the film,” the actor revealed.

“Abhishek Nama Sir watched the Telugu final copy and liked it a lot. Jwala, in fact, wanted me to release Ratsasan in Telugu but my producer sold the remake rights. This time, I am the producer of FIR and she was hellbent on having this film release in Telugu and it is happening,” the actor added.

He also said FIR is not a controversial film as a few people suspects. “It is related to a real incident but we took all care to ensure that it does not take any sides and be partial to any community. It will only speak facts. FIR is a film that borders good content and a commercial film. It will be a very interesting watch in theaters. I got many offers from the OTT but this is a proper theater film my heart said,” he told.

Vishnu Vishal spoke high about Director Manu Anand. “Manu Anand met me through some common friends in the industry. He worked with Gautam Menon. He narrated me an action-packed story first. Anything else? I asked. He told me the line of FIR and I immediately said Okay. He did not think I would give nod to such a sensitive story. He was surprised when I said okay. It was supposed to be produced by a friend but later, I came on board as a producer as well. I am sure this film will be a big hit for me,” the actor confidently said.

Mass Maharaja @RaviTeja_offl and Natural Star @NameisNani watched our film #FIR and they loved it completely. Can’t wait for the audience to watch our sincere attempt on Big screen.

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