Ravanasura will entertain everyone with elements of surprise, shock and thrill: Director Sudhir Verma

Ravanasura will entertain everyone with elements of surprise, shock and thrill: Director Sudhir Verma

Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja’s most awaited edge-of-the-seat crime action thriller ‘Ravanasura’. Directed by Sudhir Varma, the film is produced by Abhishek Nama and Ravi Teja Grand under Abhishek Pictures, RT Teamworks. Hero Sushant played a key role. This film has already set huge expectations with the teaser and trailer.Harshavardhan Rameshwar and Bhims Cicerolio composed the music and all the songs of this film became chart busters. Director Sudhir Verma shared the features of Ravanasura in a press conference in the background of the release of the film as a summer special on April 7.

If you ask anyone in the team about the story of ‘Ravanasura’, they say that it will be after April 7? How is the original ‘Ravanasura’?
‘Ravanasura’ is super excited. Thrills and shocking elements are the main attraction in the movie. No matter what is revealed in it, the thrill of watching the movie will not be there. We are holding it to give the audience a thrilling experience.

How did you come up with the idea of ​​doing a thriller genre film with Ravi Teja?
Ravi Teja had no idea before doing a certain genre film. But when Srikanth narrated the story, Ravi Teja liked it and sent it to me saying that I would be good. I felt excited when I heard the story. I felt excited to do such a thriller with a big hero. Ravanasura is hundred percent new genre movie. Such a story has not come in Telugu till now. We are very confident about the film.

You have a good reputation as a stylish maker. Can you think that is the reason why Ravi Teja chose you?
How to make a story.. director’s take. Stylish films can also be made in mass. To me it has to be taken mass, it has nothing to take it stylishly. The take depends on the story.

In Telugu movies, there is a happy ending and a positive shade of the hero, but in this one you seem to have flipped?
You are going back into the story. (Laughs) You’ll be 100 percent satisfied with what the flip is like you said. I believe you will not get the feeling that our sensibilities are missing after watching the movie.

Hasn’t it become a trend to show heroes in gray shades like Pushpa,KGF in the last two years?
Shades of Gray has been around for a long time. Nagarjuna in the end, Jedi in Satya are all gray. These have always existed. But in the meantime they have increased a lot.

Does Ravanasura’s character remind you of Mani Ratnam’s Raavan?
Mani Ratnam garu took the Ramayana as an extract. But the name of Ravanasura suits my hero’s role perfectly. I did not go into the Ramayana to say so. But after giving the name Ravanasura, some dialogues were adapted to suit it, some of them were used but had nothing to do with Ramayana.

About Ravi Teja’s performance?
We all know about Ravi Teja’s performance. He performs better than my vision. This is a complete Ravi Teja movie. His performance is in the top 3 movies.

Why do you mostly do thrillers?
I love running a film on the crime genre. I need a holding point. I love that it makes Audien look forward to what happens next.
Ravanasura’s music became a super hit. About two music directors?
At the very beginning of the film, we wanted to do background music with Harshavardhan and songs with Bheem. Harsha Ravanasura has sung the title song. It came very well. Later he also did a good remix song. Bhims sang the song Dikka Dishyu.

About the movie with Pawan Kalyan?
It is with the story of Trivikram. But when and what it is will soon be known.

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