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Rashmika Mandanna in the news again

Tollywood glamor beauty Rashmika Mandanna is in the news once again It is already known that this beauty has been in the news many times.

Once again this selling topic is making a fuss on social media Do you know why Rashmi topic has become such a hot topic?

Rashmi Present is set to become a successful heroine in Tollywood

Audiences are captivated by the selling beauty of National Crush. Tollywood, Kollywood, Bollywood goes where the opportunity greets regardless. Recently, Pushpa’s film with Allu Arjun came to the fore. 

The film featured Rashmi in the role of Dee Glamor and brought in more fan following.

Directed by Sukumar, the film was released on December 17 and became a blockbuster hit and a tsunami of collections.

The Sami Sami song in this movie is also said to have connected everyone’s hearts. The same song has been heard in everyone’s mouth since this song came out. Rashmi, who is getting a series of opportunities after this movie, is in the news once again.

Recently worshiped photos at home are now going viral on the internet. However, the reasons for doing this worship did not come out. Photos of Venu Swamy worshiping at Rashmika’s house have gone viral.

It is not known why these pujas but trolls have started on Rashmika once again. After learning about this worship, netizens are commenting as they please

These photos are going viral, commenting on whether the puja was meant to be a hit or whether the awards were meant to come

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