Ramanna Youth Film Review

Ramanna Youth Film Review: Genuine Attempt With Too Many Flaws



Sarkar Rating: 1.5/5

Abhai Bethiganti, Anil Geela, Srikanth Iyengar, Thagubotu Ramesh, Rohini Jabardast, Yadamma Raju, Taxiwala Vishnu, Amulya Reddy, Kommidi Vishweshwar Reddy, Jagan Yogiraju, Bunny Abhiran, Manya Bhaskar, Venu Polasani

Writer & Director; Abhai Naveen
Cinematography: Fahad Abdul Majeed
Editor: Rupak Ronaldson & Abhay Naveen
Art: Lakshmi Sindhuja
Music Director: Kamran
Producer: AAR

Release: September 15, 2023

Ramanna Youth is the latest self-directed film starring actor Abhay Naveen as the hero. The movie recently impressed audiences with the teaser and trailer and created good expectations among the audience. And let’s see how Ramanna Youth, who came in front of the audience with good expectations today, in a full review.

Raju (Abhay Naveen) from Anksapur village in Telangana leads a normal life. But his desire is always to be a youth leader. At one point Raju falls in love with Swapna (Amulya Reddy). After seeing Ramanna, the MLA there, Raju is inspired and wants to grow up to be like him. For that one day the king and his friends hang a banner in their village. But that turns their lives around. So what was in that banner that led to this situation. Whether Raju has achieved his goal so far has to be seen in the movie.

The way of life and culture of Telangana people have been shown to be impressive. Some of the comedy scenes between the hero and his friends are good. Drunkard Ramesh, Srikanth Iyengar and Anil Geela impress with the range of their respective roles. The second half is better compared to the first half. Also, the last half hour impresses the audience on a good emotional note.

Actually, the message that director Abhay wanted to convey is good but the way it is taken is not impressive. Such a point should have a stronger story, and stronger drama, but they are completely missing in this movie. Although the message in the climax of the film is good, it seems to be presented in an unusual way. The characters are flawed and the emotions are also unimpressive. Most of the scenes do not entertain the audience and even the romantic track of the hero and heroine in the middle is not well suited to the story.

Music director Kamran’s music and BGM are good. Fahad Abdul Majeed’s cinematography gives a good feel to the audience. But the editing department would have removed some unnecessary scenes. Dialogues are impressive. And the production values are also good. Although the point taken by Abhay Naveen as a director is good, this movie will not entertain the audience due to many flaws in the story. That’s why the strong message of the movie is not reaching the audience properly.

What’s Good
Production design

What’s Bad
Flawed characters
Lack of emotion

Bottom line
Overall, Ramanna Youth movie directed by actor Abhay Naveen himself has given a good message to the youth of today but due to a lot of flaws in the story, it does not connect with the audience. The actors impress with their performances and some of the scenes are good. But if there was strong drama and emotions, it would have been a success.

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