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Ram Charan Tej’s birthday celebrations under the auspices of Ram Charan Yuvashakti

Ram Charan Tej’s birthday celebrations under the auspices of Ram Charan Yuvashakti

Mega power star Ram Charan Tej’s birthday celebrations were held at the Shilpa Kala Veedika in Hyderabad. Hundreds of Ram Charan fans took part in the celebrations under the auspices of Ram Charan Yuvashakti. The celebrations were held in Attahassa after being away from birthday celebrations for two years. Earlier, fans enjoyed dance performances to songs from movies starring Ram Charan. After that, the blood donors and blood camp organizers were honored by Chiranjeevi Blood Bank Chief Medical Officer Madhavi and Chiranjeevi’s friend Shekhar. Also to Chakri’s brother, music director Mahit Narayan, who did a special song as Ram Charan’s birthday present, to Jayaraj from Aragidda village, Maldakal mandal, Maldakal mandal, Jogulamba Gadwala district, who made a Charan face painting with half an acre of paddy as Ram Charan’s birthday present, inspired by Ram Charan Trophy 2021 Director Mehr Ramesh honored the Dhanunjay Guys who have undertaken many programs.

Meanwhile, megastar Chiranjeevi’s sister Madhavi said that the fans’ blessings and God’s grace be with you always. My thanks to all those who donated blood on the occasion of Charan Babu’s birthday. Noting that there is no need to tell you specifically about blood donation, she said that she is happy to say that the main reason for coming to awareness on this blood donation is megastar Chiranjeevi. She praised all of you for standing up for the idea that came to him 24 years ago and for saving so many lives today. Madhavi said that Chiranjeevi says that blood is the lifeblood but the lifeline of our heroes is the fans. She says that Charan is very silent at home and takes all the responsibility. She said that Charan also takes care of his siblings as his elder brother takes care of our siblings. The elder brother said that it was our good fortune to have such a child born in our house that gave us the courage to have Charan Babu no matter what. She says that Charan is helping a lot of people but they will not let that happen to us.

After that Varun Tej congratulated Madhu, a fan who cycled about 400 km from Poddutur in Kadapa district to Hyderabad to wish Ram Charan on his birthday. Varun Tej also lauded Dr Harsha for drawing and screening 15 films starring Ram Charan in the shortest possible time. Varun Tej honored Srinu Babu Gari, a prominent social worker who donated blood 76 times and played a pivotal role in delivering goods to film workers on behalf of Chiranjeevi through the CCC during the Corona. After that Varun Tej distributed bicycles. Afterwards Varun Tej said, “First of all, thank you to all our brother Ram Charan fans, all the fans of Chiranjeevi, all the fans of Kalyan Gari, Mehr Ramesh Gari, Bobby Gari and Johnny Master who came to celebrate our elder brother’s birthday.” Charan’s birthday is like a small festival for all of us, but this time it came two days earlier in the form of RRR. Varun Tej also said that he used to have fun playing Ram Charan’s elder brother when I was young, when I was a child. He said that the maturity in Ru was mixed with the honesty in Pawan Kalyan and came to Ram Charan. There are good actors in many places but the great personality on the way to Ram Charan says I have never seen him anywhere. He said it was his good fortune to be the younger brother of such an aunt. “Thanks to all of you for coming forward and making it a festival like this is someone in our family’s birthday. I am saying this not only on my behalf but also on behalf of Ram Charan,” he said. He said he wants your love to be poured out on us like always. Charan said that we have to give you a gift for every birthday but this time you have given a gift with a wonderful movie like RRR. He said that while watching movies, Ram Charan was nowhere to be seen and only Alluri Sitaramaraj’s character was seen in the film. He said that he wants Charan to rise to the world level not only in Telugu. Someone has to talk about Ram Charan which means he got emotional to talk to us before I would be there with all of you and then go to Ram Charan.

After that the main guests who attended the event were directors Mehr Ramesh, Bobby, choreographer Johnny Master, who was present from the Zabardast team and the cake was cut on the hands of Dorabhabu, Gaddam Naveen and Saddam. Afterwards Mehr Ramesh wished Ram Charan a happy birthday and told the fans that we are just as happy as you are with his hit with RRR movie. After saying that Prisoner No. 150 was a huge success, Ram Charan, who was determined to bring him back after making the film Prisoner No. 150, saying that he would say something unknown to anyone about Ram Charan’s culture, said that he had handed over the responsibilities to Vinayak and honored him for completing those duties properly. He said. Ram Charan, who had such a culture that he was asked to write a special note in Telugu, immediately wrote a special note by himself and gave it to Vinayak Gari and then sent it as a tribute. That said I want to move forward.

After that director Bobby thanked everyone who came to Rancharan’s birthday party by name as well as talking to his friends about Ram Charan. He said that his father had reached the level of a power star. He also said that Sardar Gabbar Singh’s shooting was a thing of the past. He had traveled for a year and a half with power star Pawan Kalyan. He said that Kalyan would call Ram Charan and tell him that he would come and stay immediately. He said that he would stay for ten days and then Pawan Kalyan would not feel anxious again. “Special thanks to Chiranjeevi for giving us such a unique actor,” Babu said.

Johnny Master said that he would like to thank everyone who organized this event on behalf of the megastar fans. He raised expectations that there would be. He added that the Arabic accent is even more endearing than the song. Later, those present from the Zabardast team also wished Ram Charan a happy birthday.

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