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Rakul as a condom tester .. What is her role?

Rakul as a condom tester .. What is her role?

Recently the heroines are making not only commercial movies but also lady oriented, story-oriented movies. Bold topics are also chosen for this. The present heroines do not hesitate to do any role if they like the story. Rakul is making a series of films in Bollywood with a light in Tollywood. Occasionally Telugu movies also make in this gap. Recently, Rakul is making a movie in Bollywood called ‘Chhatriwali’.

Rakulpreet Singh will be seen as a condom tester in the movie ‘Chhatriwali’. A girl looking for a job as a chemistry graduate gets a job as a professional condom tester. But Rakul is going to look like a woman who does the job outside, not to mention at home, what it means to be doing this job outside. In this sequence the film is screened showing the problems she encounters in an entertaining perspective.

The movie, which has recently completed shooting, is celebrating its post-production as well as promotion activities. Rakul, who was recently spotted with a channel on the series, described her role in Chatriwali. ‘This is nothing new. Has been in our society since time immemorial. This is what we are going to show the audience in the newest attempt. It was screened as a family story to the delight of all. This is the story of a girl who came from a small town and became the head of a condom tester quality. The young woman, who initially joined the job just for the salary, later realizes its importance. ‘

Also ‘Everyone knows how we are born. But we find it difficult to talk about it. They need to know exactly what to do and what not to do. ‘ Movie lovers are waiting for this movie as no such concept has come up till now. While some appreciate Rakul for taking such a bold concept, some criticize whether such a character is necessary. And we have to see how Rakul impresses with a similar character.

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