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Rahul Vijay and Megha Akash are teaming up for a new movie

Rahul Vijay and Megha Akash are teaming up for a new movie

Young hero Rahul Vijay and Megha Akash have teamed up for a new film starring Natakirti Rajendra Prasad in another lead role. The romantic entertainer formally launched the film on Tuesday with poojas. The film is presented by Megha Akash’s mother Bindu Akash. Kota Film Factory & Trippy Flix Studios are producing A Sushant Reddy and Abhishek Kota under the banner. Sushant Reddy has provided the story for the film and Abhimanyu Baddi is introducing himself as the director. On this occasion

Heroine Megha Akash says..I worked with Sushant and Abhimanyu for the film Dear Megha. Now happy to work on this combo again. Although this movie presented by our mother feels so very special. Said

Hero Rahul Vijay says..we have launched our new movie today. This is a good concept movie. Impressive as Cool Rome com. It was a pleasure working with the Passionate team. Want Your Blessings. Said.

Another actor Arjun Kalyan said Thanks to the director-producers for giving me the opportunity in this film

Producer Sushant Reddy says … Rahul Vijay and Megha Akash are a talented pair. Will see their best acting. Also Rajendra Prasad and Vennela Kishore are doing good characters. This is a romantic entertainer movie. We will shoot for 15 days in Hyderabad and 10 days in Goa. The shooting will be completed in a total of 25 days. Said.

Director Abhimanyu Baddi says that this is a romantic entertainer set in Goa. We are going to screen it to be interesting. The hero includes the heroines as well as the padding artists. Hope the movie comes out well. Said.

Producer Abhishek Kota says .. We are happy to launch Production One at our Kota Film Factory. Said.

Cast – Natakirti Rajendra Prasad, Rahul Vijay, Megha Akash, Wennela Kishore, Arjun Kalyan etc.

Technicians – Music: Hari Gaura, Editor: Praveen Pudi, PRO: GSK Media, Costume Designer: Poojitha Tadikonda, Art Director: KV Ramana, Producers: A. Sushant Reddy & Abhishek Kota.
Presented by: Bindu Akash, Production Companies: Kota Film Factory & Trippy Flick Studios, Story: A. Sushant Reddy, Director – Abhimanyu Baddi.

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