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Pushpa Movie have come down a bit

Pushpa, starring Allu Arjun, is doing well at the box office. Especially in Telugu and Hindi, the film is making its mark. Meanwhile, 83 films starring Nani’s Shyam Singharai and Ranveer Singh were released yesterday. But let’s face these two films and see how the Pushpa film looks on the eighth day.

Pushpa, starring Allu Arjun, is now doing well in single screen theaters.Pushpa Cinema is showing much better than 83 movie , Allu Arjun leads in single screen , However the Spiderman No Way Home movie and 83 movies are playing very well in the multiplex , In fact these three films are in fierce competition , With the release of Shyam Singarai starrer starring Nani, it can be said that the collections for Pushpa Movie have come down a bit

Eight Day Collections is about 4-5 crores (inclusive of all languages). On the seventh day, however, it was reduced to Rs 10 crore, Pushpa Movie has so far grossed Rs 164-165 crores, Now that the screens are split it remains to be seen how the Allu Arjun movie will fare in the second Week .

Meanwhile, Pushpa film director Sukumar said in a recent interview that he has not started the second part of Pushpa yet and will start shooting for Pushpa The Rule in the second month of 2022.

Sukumar said that some parts already filmed for the film need to be re-shoot as it will also start in February and the film Pushpa The Rule will also be released on December 16 next year.

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