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Producers Snehal & Shasidhar Inaterview

‘Bhutaddham Bhaskar Narayana’ Will Give Thrilling Experience With Unique Content, says Producers Snehal & Shasidhar

Upcoming crime thriller Bhaskar Narayana Bhoothadham starring Shiva Kandukuri is creating huge buzz with its amazing promotional content. Produced by Snehal, Shasidhar and Karthik, this movie is directed by Purushottam Raj. The already released teaser of this suspense thriller made with a different concept and the trailer entertaining with seat edge thrilling elements has increased the curiosity of the audience. The film will release on March1st. Producers Snehal and Shasidhar spoke about the film in a press conference. Excerpts here:

How did your movie journey begin?
– In 2014, we did an independent film called Sheeshmahal. In 2020, we did a movie called ‘Neeto’. In, 2022 considered the story of Bhaskar Narayan. The script is amazing. We have made the movie in good quality without compromising anywhere. It turned out great. The teaser trailer songs are creating a lot of good buzz.

How will Bhaskar Narayana be?
-Bhutaddham Bhaskar Narayan is a detective thriller. The director has taken this story to a new level. The way the detective story is linked with mythology gives the audience a very thrilling experience.

About the character of Shiva Kandukuri?

– Siva Kandukuri in the role of a detective did a wonderful job. The detective role in this is different from the regular one. Shiva Kandukuri garu is apt for this role. Also the heroine Rashi Singh has also worked very hard. She has very good talent.

About director Purushottam Raj?

– Purushottam Raj is a director with good vision. He came with a very good story. The story is the hero. I have not seen such a story till now.

About Sricharan’s culinary music?
– Sreecharan gave his life and made this movie. His BGM is not just ordinary. The audience will enjoy the BGM a lot. In this, AI is used for Shiva Trance song lyrical video. Our production design has given the art that the AI has given enough output for the content.

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