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Unveils Title Glimpse for Upcoming Film ‘Darling’ Starring Priyadarshi and Nabha Natesh’

‘Prime Show Entertainment Unveils Title Glimpse for Upcoming Film ‘Darling’ Starring Priyadarshi and Nabha Natesh’

PrimeShow Entertainment, known for delivering the Pan India blockbuster ‘Hanuman’, is gearing up for its next production venture, presented by Smt. Chaitanya. This time, they bring forth an exciting romantic comedy helmed by director Aswin Raam. The film stars Priyadarshi, whose recent successes include ‘Balagam’, ‘Om Bheem Bush’, and the acclaimed ‘Save The Tigers’ series. Joining him is Nabha Natesh, making a comeback after an injury hiatus.

Titled ‘Darling’, the film’s announcement comes with an intriguing tagline, ‘Why This Kolaveri?’ The first-look poster sets a delightful tone, depicting Priyadarshi’s character proposing to Nabha Natesh’s character, capturing the essence of the film’s title. The title glimpse offers a humorous sneak peek into the relationship dynamics between Priyadarshi and Nabha Natesh’s characters. It begins with a lighthearted conversation between Priyadarshi and a barber, where he comically reflects on the various stages of a woman’s life, leading to Nabha Natesh’s character hilariously roasting him.

Promising to be an out-and-out entertainer, ‘Darling’ aims to resonate with audiences across all demographics. The unique concept of portraying women’s perspectives through popular songs adds a creative touch to the narrative, showcasing the director’s innovative approach.

Drawing anticipation from their previous success with ‘Hanuman’, the film’s team boasts a talented ensemble cast, including Ananya Nagalla in a pivotal role, along with various noted actors. Additionally, a skilled crew of technicians, including cinematographer Naresh, music composer Vivek Sagar, dialogue writer Hemanth, and editor Pradeep E Ragav, are onboard to ensure a captivating cinematic experience. With Gandhi as the production designer, ‘Darling’ promises to deliver a fresh and comedic take on relationships, making it a highly anticipated release in the coming months.

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