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‘Pragati Aunty’ fuss in the gym is not usual

‘Pragati Aunty’ fuss in the gym is not usual

In the Tollywood film industry .. Pragati is an actress who is very famous for playing the roles of aunt and mother. Apart from making a name for herself in the Tollywood film industry as a character artist, Pragati also has a lot of fans on social media. Pragati, who places a high priority on fitness, also impresses netizens with her photos and videos on social media.

Guys in particular make progress which means falling and dying. While Pragati, who is always active on social media, is also very active and buzzing on movie sets. However .. Pragati Aunty recently .. made a fuss in the gym. It is known that actress Pragati goes to the gym every day.

Against this backdrop, the actress Pragati performed a stunt by holding a person on her legs. Pragati shared a video on its social media. And the netizens who saw this video .. are getting fed up. Netizens are also commenting on what an energy aunty is.

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