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Perceptions or untruths are coming out – still Vizag FNCC. I am the President – K.S RAMA RAO

Perceptions or untruths are coming out – still Vizag FNCC. I am the President – K.S RAMA RAO

Producer KS Rama Rao Clarity

The news came in the Vizag Andhra Jyoti daily that the Film Nagar Cultural Center had sacked me as the president of Vizag. That is completely untrue. Leading producer KS Rama Rao said, “I am still the president of it.” He spoke on the occasion at a press conference held at the Telugu Film Chamber office in Hyderabad on Thursday.

It is also untrue to say that Rs 30 crore of funds were misappropriated in FNCC Vizag.
I think someone has a misunderstanding or is making similar false allegations.
Past governments have given places to FNCC Vizag in two places. He explained that the present government was neglecting to hand over the land to us for development works.

Giving full details, he told Vizag FNCC. I am the President, Venkat Reddy is the Vice President and Kanti Reddy is the Leading Distributor as the Joint Secretary. We also recently arranged a conference in Vizag. It was unanimously agreed that our committee should work for development. Now it is surprising that such news is coming as Shaden.

In Visakhapatnam, there are members from various branches of the film industry. In the past, the Chandrababu government gave some land in Thotlakonda. Concreting was also done. But some Buddhists protested that it was a tourist place. Then we thought it would be nice to move to another area. Marila asked the then CM. Dr. D. Ramanayudugari’s studio is located in a nearby hilly area. However the place is not yet in our hands. Governments are busy with the problems of the people and we have no place in our hands. At that time a friend named Narasimharaja helped us through a place. We have set up a cultural center there on lease policy. But yesterday in the paper news came that I had been fired.

The return journey from Hyderabad to Vizag has been delayed for five years due to other reasons. That’s why we wanted to do things with them. But I’m going to want every member out there to be my own president. I’m the president. But someone is confusing the members and the government through the news. There are about 1250 members.

At a time when the industry is looking to thrive in Andhra Pradesh, the news like this is confusing to everyone. All the members in this center are from all castes, creeds and parties. Here in Hyderabad we are all one family in the club. However, it is not good for such false news to come without awareness. This hinders development. There is a sense of urgency in the government.

The present Jagannath government also wants the film industry to flourish in Andhra. It promised to provide the necessary facilities. Minister Perninani, C.M. Jagannath also announced incentives. He said that the arrival of such false news at such a juncture would hamper the development of the film.

Afterwards, K.S. Rama Rao replied .. The government has taken appropriate action in the matter of ticket rates. The budget will consider factors such as the increase in tickets. However, he described the government’s acquisition of movie tickets in Andhra Pradesh as a “strange trend” like nowhere else in the world.

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