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People Across The Globe Embraced Akhanda And Made It A Hit: Nandamuri Balakrishna

People Across The Globe Embraced Akhanda And Made It A Hit: Nandamuri Balakrishna

Nandamuri Balakrishna and Boyapati Srinu’s Akhanda is the first film in the Telugu film industry to become a big hit after the third wave of pandemic. The movie also got a stunning long run and has completed 100 days run, a feat almost forgotten these days. The team celebrated the eve with a massive public event in Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh.

Speaking at the event, Balakrishna said, “It’s been many years since 100 days celebrations were held among these many people. When we started this film we did not think that it should be beyond Simha and Legend. Due to Corona, the shooting of this movie came to a halt for a few days. After its release, the audience and fans gave it a resounding success. Cinema is considered a necessity. My father’s films were thought-provoking and entertaining. The film Akhanda manages to entertain as well as informative. Whenever Nature, Dharma, and women face some danger, God enters into a man in some form and becomes the savior. Director Boyapati gave a good message conveyed through my character. Akhanda movie has been praised by people all over the world, not just Telugu people. I would like to express my gratitude to God for giving me Akhanda”.

“There is a saying in Telugu – Krushi unte Manushulu Rushulavutharu and it’s an apt one for director Boyapati. He just narrated me the bare-minimum line and I gave him the nod. He knows how to use an actor. This blockbuster movie has been running for hundred days in Koyilakuntla, Adoni, Yemmiganur, and Chilakaluripet. Having millions of fans is my fortune. The credit of the success should also go to the writers. The music of the movie is excellent. Thaman took the audience to another world with his music. My Fans are not just confined to movies, they do a lot of service to society. I would like to express my gratitude for that,” Balakrishna further added.

Blockbuster Director Boyapati Srinu is a very excited man and thanked fans profusely. “Simha is my third and it’s my first one with Balayya. He had done more than 90 films earlier. He has done mythology, folklore, faction, action and family dramas. We created magic with Simha and Legend. The third step is with Akhanda in 2021. Our thirteen years-long journey is very fruitful. Our every movie is an experiment. The fans have embraced our films and turned them into amazing successes. You treat me like your family member. The strength of Balakrishna is his fans. It’s only possible for them (fans) to create or rewrite history. Balayya Babu is a great man. I would like to express my gratitude to the team and technical staff who assisted me on my long journey. The fans of other heroes have also sincerely contributed to Akhanda’s success. From the common people to the scholars, from children to adults, everyone considered this film as their own. It is very rare to talk about nature, divinity, and Dharma in a mass commercial film. I bow my head to the God who gave me the opportunity to do so. A lot of preparation underwent for the character of Aghora. I bow my head to the fans and the Telugu audience,” he said.

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