Papam Pasivadu Review

Papam Pasivadu Web Series Review: A Mediocre Entertainer



Release: Oct. 1, 2023

Sarkar Rating: 2.5/5.

Sri Ramachandra, Rashi Singh, Sri Vidya Maharshi, Gayatri Chaganti, Madi, Ashok Kumar, Azhar etc.

Directed by: Lalit Kumar
Producer: Akhilesh Vardhan
Music: Jose Jimmy
Cinematographer: Gokul Bharti
Editor: Viplava Naishadham
OTT Release: Aha

Papam Pasivadu, a web series starring singer Sreer Ramachandra in the lead role, was released on Aha OTT on Friday. The series was directed by Lalith Kumar.

Kranti (Sri Ramachandra) works as an event manager. He gives buildup as if he is busy performing small functions. Even at the age of 32, he does not get married. He has been in love with Dimpy (Gayatri Chaganti) for six years. He wants to marry her. But Dimpy breaks up with him and leaves. Kranti becomes like Devdas in that pain.

Kranti moves away from her parents to her friend Nasa’s room as her parents pressure him to get married. Kranti, who goes to the pub that day, later goes to the house of Charu (Rashi Singh) who has come to the same pub under unexpected circumstances. Drunk, he stays at her apartment for the night. He falls in love with her within a few hours of acquaintance. Security does not allow Kranti to enter the apartment after accidentally leaving the apartment.

Not knowing Charu’s name and apartment number, Kranti makes various attempts with Nasa to somehow meet her. None of that works. On the other hand, Kranti agrees to marry Anu (Srividya Maharshi) due to parental pressure. Charu arrives for his engagement ceremony. What happened after that?

Who did Kranti marry among Charu and Anu? Did Kranti tell Charu about his love? Or Why did Dimpy, who broke up with Kranti and left, come into his life again? Who is Rakhi who loves Charu? Answers to these questions form the rest of the story.

Sri Ramachandra is convincing in the role of Kranti. He did justice to the character of a young man who always lives in confusion without any weighty responsibilities. Srividya Maharshi as Anu and Rashis Singh as Charu are good. Maddie comedy worked out at some places in the role of NASA. As Kranti’s parents, Sujatha, Srinivas, Balagam Venu, Ashok Kumar and Ambati also laughed to their limits.

Director Lalit Kumar has made the web series Sadam Pasivadu with the story of a fun-loving young man who has no goals or ambitions in life. What is the lifestyle of today’s youth in real life? Naturally, the series revealed how their thinking goes on matters like love and marriage. Be careful with no forced comedy. The director has succeeded to some extent in his attempt to bring comedy as an integral part of the story through dialogue. The dialogues uttered by Sri Ramachandra and Srividya Maharshi in Hyderabadi slang are laughable.

The director made this series (Papam Pasivadu Web Series Review) in five episodes. The series begins interestingly with the scene of how Kranti’s life has hit the road. After that Dimpy breaks up with Kranti, the first episode goes interestingly with the scene where the hero goes to a friend’s room.

The story is driven forward with a scene where Kranti falls in love with a girl without knowing her name and then searches for her whereabouts. The wedding scenes between Anu and Kranti are entertaining. The twist where Kranti finds the girl he is looking for in their engagement is good.

There is nothing new in the story. The series proceeds with a very simple point. Feels stretched in some places. The comedy is also not up to mark. The twists are easy to guess.

What’s Good

What’s Bad

Bottom line: A mediocre entertainer with the routine story.


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