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Palle Gootiki Pandagocchindi” motion poster released

Palle Gootiki Pandagocchindi” motion poster released

The film “Palle Gootiki Pandagochindi” is being produced by K Lakshmi and directed by Thirumal Rao with Rohit Krishna Santosh as the perfect Harshita actor under the banner of Divya Tejaswini presented by K Praveen. The motion poster of the film was released in the presence of journalists at the Film Chamber in Hyderabad.

Film director Thirumal Rao said. The story of the film is about how the youth in the villages are going in a bad way. We really did a very good job with good casting taking the main point of how a village can be put on a development trajectory even without the cooperation of politicians.Post is in the production stage.We are preparing for the release of the film in February. Coming with a good concept, this movie is a movie that everyone should watch with their family like a mother, son, father and daughter. It is a movie that should be watched very well. Everyone who sees the climax will be shocked and enjoy it.

Producer Lakshmi says .. I did not act in the movie “Palle Gooti Pandagochindi” but .. our boy acted as a hero. Everyone thinks that an artist boy becomes an easy hero. But I did not know that he was our boy after doing the same with the director in the screen test with his own strength. I was told after the story was ready with the director. I did not see a single short until after the film shoot was over. I watched the movie after it was over. The director did what he told me. He did the story very well. It is a movie that the whole family watches together. What I felt after watching this movie was that I wanted to be in the countryside for a few days. How to bring the youth of the village on a better path. There are strong scenes in which we bring those who have settled in the Farin to the countryside and we miss the good atmosphere like we are here for. Our boy has learned a lot from acting with senior actors like Suman, Sai Kumar, Shiaji Shinde, Raghu Babu, Annapoornamma and others. He said that everyone should embrace and bless our film coming in February.

Hero Rohit Krishna says .. Thanks to Thirumal Rao for giving me such a great opportunity to act with senior actors. Technicians have all worked very hard. I have loved cinema since I was a child. I quit my job and trained in acting with Satyanand Gari. Later with Thirumala Rao
Coming with a good concept, we shot 95% of the film in Srikakulam. Telugu language whatever. We shot this film in depth about what village life is like. This movie is definitely connected to those who come from the countryside. If anyone watches our movie they will be reminded of their song memories.

Rohit Krishna, Santosh, Nikhita, Harshita, Suman, Sai Kumar, Shiaji Shinde, Raghu Babu, Annapoornamma, Zabardast Rajamouli, Zabardast Apparao, Roller Raghu, Gundu Murali Jagadeeshwari etc.

Presents: K Praveen
Banner: Divya Tejaswini Productions
Producer: K Lakshmi
Story Direction Screenplay: K Thirumal Rao
Music Director: Sindhu K Prasad
Cinematography: Ravi T.
Post Production Digi Quest

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